Sunday, January 18, 2015

My "Mental Illness"

So, I grew up in the LDS Mormon church, they told me I'd witness and perform miracles, among other things, like hearing the voice of the holy ghost, and gave me a strong belief in the possibility of meeting God and angels.

Because of my belief in being able to work miracles, hearing the voice of the holy spirit, and seeing Jesus I was considered schizophrenic.

It's clear from one reviewer of my book that I am schizophrenic. Either the reviewer doesn't take the LDS church seriously himself, or he didn't quite get through a certain part of my book properly:::::

When I showed the nurses and the psychiatrists my LDS Patriarchal Blessing, the actual document that says I'd witness and perform miracles, the document that says I'd hear the voice of the holy ghost, the document that says I could've been with Avril Lavigne --- they actually decided that I'm NOT schizophrenic.

They decided that what I was going through very much resembled schizophrenia but was not, in fact, actual schizophrenia.

If a person is told a lie a million times and they believe it, they are delusional. But it's not their own fault they believed a lie, or rather it's not their own fault that they were told a lie and convinced to believe it, well, not fully their own fault.

Anyway, so the reviewer(s) of my book take it that I'm schizophrenic, when if you actually read the story of my book you'd find that the doctors withdrew that diagnosis because I was actually physically and legitimately told by ordained clergy to believe those things.

Here's the funny thing though::: It is apparently true that believing you can work miracles and thinking you can see Jesus does, in fact, actually make you legally schizophrenic.

So, I believe there were some miracles, I still know that I either legitimately saw or hallucinated the appearance of Jesus Christ, so therefore under some kind of legal definition I am considered schizophrenic.

Well, if I'm schizophrenic for believing things the church taught me, and since the church didn't bother to defend any of the things they told me to believe, and didn't even defend my reputation of sanity and upheld an idea that I was crazy even though I was only believing what they told me:

Basically:: if the church won't defend my sanity just because I was believing in the things they taught me, then obviously the LDS church can "go away", to put it lightly.

I don't need Mormons or LDS people around anymore with all the garbage their religion pulls.

If I'm schizophrenic for believing what the church taught me, and the church won't defend me, and Joseph Smith also thought he met God, then Joseph Smith is also insane and I really have no business with these lunatics who run around claiming truth but end up just putting people in psychiatric hospitals.


Here's another interesting thing about Mormons::: they claim they forgive everybody, but in reality they don't forgive anyone at all.

The reason for this is they changed the definition of 'forgiveness'.

In the eyes of regular humanity, the word "forgive" means to let someone off the hook, to pardon, to remove the punishment for an offense.

Mormons don't believe in that however.  They believe they can punish and forgive a person for the sane crime at the same time.

Mormons believe that "to forgive" just means that they won't feel angry and an offender, but the offender will still be punished.

Therefore, they claim they forgive everyone, when they actually never forgive, because there is actually no word in mormonism for letting anyone off the hook ---- there is always a punishment or consequence in mormonism, it's not their doctrine to just let things go.  They just try to feel good inside.

That means when they are judged by God, God will forgive them, which means God won't feel angry at them, but they'll still have to burn in hell anyway.

Oh well.

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