Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blocked Messages

Hey Everyone:

You know how I ask people for suggestions, comments and bug reports in email for my videogames?

Well --- Pretty much, no one ever sends anything.  If you sent something --- it never got through, no one says anything to me.

Anyway, I have some reason to believe that this is the new reality in my life::::

Earlier this month, I got a friend request on Facebook from an Avril Lavigne fan in Brazil, but I was 40 minutes late to my phone, and by the time I wanted to accept the friend request, the brazillian fan's FB page had disappeared.

Then this evening, my phone told me I got a new message or private message on Facebook, yet when I checked facebook, the message was said to be there with a big number 1, but there was no actual message to be seen.

Someone is trying to contact me, and the messages just aren't reaching me, there's something blocking it.

Anyway, the interesting thing to note about these experiences is that within 24 hours before each message, I had sent an email to my old psychiatric nurse and the Avril Bandaids forum moderator to discuss my ultra-cool recent news.

It was like this:: I'd send cool news to Avril's bandaids, and then I'd find an Avril fan wanting to be my friend or a message on facebook, except I don't get to know what they're saying or what that's all about because I CAN'T see it. It's blocked or something.

Anyway, there's another experience I had earlier this month where I think I had sent a cool message to Avril's foundation (with paypal) about the release of my new video game, and very shortly afterward I got a phonecall which I tried to pick up on my iPad but no one was there (using Apple's new technology that allows phonecalls from your cellphone on your ipad and computer)

I recently tried to get a phone investigation company to look up who the phonecall belonged to, but found that it was probably something like Skype or some other VOIP service and I couldn't know who it was.

Anyway, I recently got another phonecall that I didn't pick up because I was probably busy or sleeping, and I did that same investigation on their phonenumber::::

I discovered this most recent phonecall I had received from some unknown caller was actually from a REALTOR.

OK --- let me back up --- in one of my emails to Avril's fanpage moderator, I talked about or complained about how very few people seem to have the $1 to give me any money for my books or games, it seems to be impossible to sell anything::

anyway, I ended the email with something like "I wish I could buy a condo - that would be nice" or something like that,

Anyway, I got this phonecall that I didn't pick up (I wasn't anywhere near my phone at the time) from a Realtor, and guess what the phone-lookup company said about this Realtor's address?

His address is apparently CANFIELD CRESCENT in South West Calgary.


So I look at Google Maps about about Canfield Crescent and nearby locations, only to find that Canfield Crescent is located very close to a "Canaveral Crescent" and "Canaveral Road".

Yeah. Huh.  Other names of roads in that area are things like "Cannes" (a place in France I think) and "Canterbury", like the Archbishop of Canterbury, which is kind of interesting, considering the religious significance.

Anyway, yeah, I've had some interesting stuff and cool things happening, or seemingly cool things, but if I'm not screening your call because I don't recognize the number, then facebook is blocking your message from my sight, so who knows.

Actually, that one phonecall from the VOIP or Skype that I tried to pick up on my iPad -- well, I tried to pick up and talk, but the person on the other end didn't say anything or just hung up or something.

Who knows.

It's kind of cool to see this stuff, but I also kind of wonder why I'm not allowed to see or hear an actual message. :)

Anyway, yeah, just fun cool stuff like that. :)

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