Sunday, December 28, 2014

Video Game Beta Testing History

OK - so remember how a while ago, earlier, I posted about how I wanted to say stuff to someone about video games but I didn't know who to talk to?

Well, I guess I now feel ready to just post about it on my blog.

The topic is Video Game Beta Testing ---- and there are two big reasons I didn't feel I could easily discuss it ---- 1) I don't want to spam the people I do write to personally and 2) When it comes to beta testing, there is a certain amount of secrecy involved and I don't want to cause any big company ire for speaking about things.  In fact ---- there was one situation where I was asked to beta test something and I didn't because I didn't think I'd be very good at keeping the secret.

The Number 23 was written by Topsy Kretts (Top Secrets) --- it's like my life, and I totally blew the cover off that one, so, yeah, I'm just kind of not the right guy for secrets maybe.

Which might be why I'm writing this post.

OK --- so ever since I wrote Pfhonge, I think I remember getting a survey from some video game company asking me to answer some questions. I truthfully answered them, and in fact in the survey answered the question where I had to tell them that I am a video game developer.

Anyway, for a while I was lucky or special or something because I had a few offers to beta test a number of video games.  Makes me feel real special right? That the big boys are look for my help. It was cool, and of course, I was skittish about whatever secrecy requirements there might ever have been.

One company did require secrecy, but eventually they stopped requiring it.  Another company seemed to want me to help spread publicity.

Well, it's possible that I didn't keep secrecy well enough or I wasn't spreading publicity enough, whatever the case, the game beta testing ended for me --- they stopped asking.

Of course, there might be other reasons for why they stopped asking me to beta test::: 1) I didn't spend nearly enough time doing it, they probably wanted many intensive hours out of me that I just didn't give them, 2) I wasn't much at writing reports about gameplay, 3) I'm actually not very good at many video games, 4) The last video game I was asked to beta test I didn't even touch, mostly because I'm not a PC Gamer, I don't use Windows, I'm mostly Mac, and some Linux. 5) I don't have the time or budget to actually buy the real regular versions of a few of the games offered. Maybe I will some day, but not right now.

There are any number of reasons why these big companies stopped asking me to beta test games --- possibilities listed above.  And to be truthful, I'm sorta OK with that, I am skittish about whatever secrecy or whatever anything may have involved.

Yes I am a video game developer, it's clear that I'm a video game developer ---- I spent this past Christmas week working on my 4th OUYA video game. I hope to get it fixed up and released in January.

But I taught myself Java, I taught myself C#, I learned for myself that bit of Java Script I understand, I never had the formal university or college training, except for one course in Pascal.

I'm hardly an expert.  In fact, my programming is a little retarded sometimes. I make so many mistakes, and I'm constantly reviewing various forms of documentation.  I just do this for fun. If this was gonna be a real job at a big company, I would probably actually want some formal education.

Which brings me to my next point::: At some points I got a few job offers in email, seemingly because of my video game thing.

Some job offers didn't seem totally realistic, especially when there was practically zero information given.

And, whatever the case, most job offers or all job offers require such a change in lifestyle and I'm so comfortable where I am right now.

One job offer looked interesting to me, but I didn't go for it for certain reasons, and then later I thought I saw some information that might've involved something to do with what my job would have been if I had taken it.  I'm glad I didn't take it actually ------ I would want a formal education before I try to do anything professionally as real work for someone.  As an amateur or intermediate in the basement of my parents' home, I feel too "retarded" to be much of a real help.

Yes, I suppose I might even be a little too disabled for most people, I work usually when I feel capable for just feel like doing it --- I spend a lot of time doing my own thing, and the stress and structure of a real job might not work for me.  I can't even drive a car, I might be pretty useless trying to actually work for someone.

I'm just not so sure about my capability or usefulness I guess.

And yes ---- getting all those offers to beta test big AAA games was really cool and awesome for me, but for any number of reasons that ended, and I'm just hoping I didn't do anything too terribly wrong, to make the big companies unhappy.  There are probably reasons for it, like I didn't even touch one game they sent me.

Anyway, I was like the coolest guy in the world for a little while there. And now it's over.  And that's what I had the bee in my bonnet to talk about.

And don't forget to read my other blog post, my ideas about how my sales reports are potentially or possibly lies and that I hope it's because I'm giving the government money from sales so I can pay them back for all the welfare they've given me. Heh. I really have no idea, but getting money for sales never reported is either a sign of clerical error or inaccurate sales reports. Anyway.

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