Thursday, December 25, 2014

Really Good Christmas Dream

Well, it's Christmas morning, I'm the first person awake in my family, I haven't touched any gifts or stockings because I wanted to share something about last night's Christmas dream:::

Last night's Christmas Dream was particularly interesting.  It sounds kind of normal for me, except that this time it was just a dream, and didn't happen "for real".

In this dream, I remember I was in big trouble for some reason and the doctor's were extending my period of being locked up for whatever reason. I suppose that might be reminiscent of 10 years ago when my lockup in the hospital was extended for almost a whole more month and I was living in the hospital through Christmas.

Anyway, in this dream, people are all very discouraged about Mormonism and nobody really seems to like it anymore, and then there's a part where paranormality just seems to be bursting at the seems in our world.

I mean, in my dream, we, in massive social groups, start experiencing very strange paranormal phenomena that everyone sees and is even caught on camera.

Like, there was this one part in my dream when someone saw a flash of light in which Jesus appeared, and then quickly disappeared shortly afterward, and they caught it on camera.

It was just stuff like that going on in this dream, where really strange things start becoming more and more apparent to regular society, and is even caught on camera.

I think part of my dream involved a Jewish Boy and his Father, I can't really remember what happened though. I'm sitting here trying to remember that part of the dream but I am unable to. Sorry.

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