Monday, December 1, 2014

New Thoughts on the Church

So, an old LDS friend was helping me feel much more positive about the LDS church and all that -- a bright and sunny attitude sending away the clouds of my grumpiness.

I kind of thought about some of my experiences and how those experiences would or should show the church to have some truth to it. If anything, the church is of God or Satan, but it's always been somehow magical.

So, I'm inspired to write this blog post today because I was standing in my bedroom when I "heard thoughts" (whether it be telepathy or inspiration or just my craziness) saying something about making some kind of changes or alterations to my patriarchal blessing.

The next thoughts I had were of how I said some very rude things in my final email to the Stake President.

Then I thought about what kind of changes might be made to my patriarchal blessing, like, if the church said I could have a new one, what would it say?

So, I was then struck by a thought about how completely needless and pointless it is or would be to go to church.

There's one big reason I don't talk about directly which is a good reason why I don't go back to church --- but I also thought about another reason why I figured I could safely ignore the LDS church in my life.

You know the Adam-God Doctrine that Brigham Young came up with?

Well, I thought, if Adam really was God, as Brigham Young taught, then that just means the LDS church has strayed from the true path and isn't worth my time anyway --- because if Brigham Young was right then the LDS church isn't believing in God properly anyway---

And then I thought:: If Brigham Young's declared doctrine that Adam was God was actually untrue --- if Brigham Young declared a doctrine that was not right at all, then that means LDS leaders can say any kind of garbage at any point, it'd be thought of as doctrine, but it's really just garbage ----

Which led me to the conclusion that there's still really no point in going back to the LDS church --- they say curiosity killed the cat, so I should avoid the curiosity of what my patriarchal blessing would turn into.

I was feeling a lot better about the church, it's hard to argue with all that kindness, I had some curiosity about my patriarchal blessing, but along with a certain issue that has bugged me for a while, I just looked at Brigham Young's doctrine alone and figured "What's the point of bothering with that church if that's how they deal with doctrine?"


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