Thursday, December 4, 2014

More "Telepathy Zero" Fun - New High Score

So I downloaded the Telepathy Zero free app on my iPad, and spent a while testing with that.

I got a new High Score of 6. 6!!!!

That ranks me at 67th all time high scorer -- yay, something I appear to be somewhat decent or excellent at. Of course, the top all time scores are so high -- not sure I'll ever be that good.

So::: How do I do it?

A lot of the time I fail.

Yes, I am actually trying to use actual psychic power or telepathy or whatever.

Sometimes I look for an image in my mind,

Sometimes I listen for a thought,

Sometimes I feel it out in my fingers,

All these methods work, except for - uh - when they "don't".

What I mean by that is one of those three methods will work at any given time, but some times I find I have to choose the "opposite" of what my telepathic instincts tell me.

Yes - it's kind of sad, how sometimes my telepathic instinct are bang on, while other times I find they are deliberately misleading, which means the best choice is to do the opposite of what  my instincts say.

So what do I mean by opposite?

Like, if I get a "blue" reading I'll go red and it'll be right.

"Red" reading means green, and "green" means blue.

Yeah -- it's tricky -- Sometimes my instincts work bang on over and over again, and sometimes it's the opposite of my instincts that work bang on. So strange.

As for when I scored 6:::: I scored six feeling it out with my fingers, and following my instincts correctly, more or less a legitimate win following a method that The Amazing Kreskin taught in his one book.


6 high score. new.

67 all-time-world-wide-on-ipad.



Just thought I'd include the stat that getting a 6-streak is 0.13% odds, or rather 1:729 -- a number that resembles my birthday - wow, coincidence.


I just played another round of Telepathy Zero there on my iPad. After just minutes of playing, I scored a 7-streak.

So I've had many 3 streaks, a few 4 streaks, one 5 streak, a 6 streak, and now a 7 streak, all within about 24 hours of each other, maybe withing 25-27 hour period.

So, this time I was sitting next to my dad with my iPad, feeling out the answer with my fingers (believe it or not - the Amazing Kreskin taught this method and it works!) and I was like telling my dad on the 6th and 7th tries "I think it's blue", and it would be blue, and then on the 8th try I said to him "I think it's red or green. It's either going to be red or green. I'm going green, but don't be surprised if it's red".

I went green, and just like my 2nd choice indicated, it was red. Wow.

Anyway, the odds of getting a 7-streak are 1:2187  or 0.046% odds of happening.

I am really beating the odds.

Anyway, I'm ranked 33rd in the world now, out of 1600 players.  Yippee.

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