Thursday, December 4, 2014

Game: Telepathy Zero:: Psychic Testing Fun

So, yesterday I saw a game on OUYA called "Telepathy Zero", it's a psychic test game, so last night I downloaded it and started attempting to read my OUYA's mind.

yesterday it was easy enough for me to get a 3 streak pretty quickly, a 4 streak, and then I got a 5 streak, which I made a youtube video of and will include a link in this post to.

The odds of getting a 5 streak are 1:243, a four streak 1:81 and a three streak 1:27.

So I got pretty good on my first day.

This morning I picked up the OUYA controller and recorded some more gameplay, which I will not post to video cuz it's dull, and nothing completely especially exciting happens.

But in the 1 hour and 6 minutes of testing I did this morning, I had many 1 and 2 streaks, SEVEN 3 streaks, and ONE 4 streak.

So, whatever that tells you about how good the test is or how good I am at the test.

I'm not so statistically great at statistics that I would know if I'm actually doing too good, but according to what I understand I'd have to do the test 189 times (or something like that) in order to get 7 three streaks.

did I do the test 189 times in just an hour and 6 minutes? Seems kind of far-fetched....

I'm just guessing I beat statistics again.


OK, so for a little while I had the wrong number of how many tests I'd have to do to get 7 three streaks. The number was updated to 189.

Now, while I was away from keyboard I was talking to my dad about how many individual throws you'd have to make to statistically get 7 three streaks.

We calculated it like this:

3(1:3odds of one throw)^3(three streak) * 7 (number of streaks) * 3 (number of throws per streak) = 567 individual throws.

So, we calculated that it would take 567 individual throws in order to statistically achieve 7 three streaks.

Of course, he also said that if you started your 3 streak on any random success rather than than on the 1st, 4th or 7th throw that this would affect the statistic, but I think that's too complicated for me right now as I never did very good in grade 12 stats.

Anyway, so you need 567 throws in order to achieve 7 three streaks statistically.

How many throws did I throw in that whole 1 hour and 6 minute period?

424 throws.

So, I got the same results as 567 with fewer throws, which should or maybe should mean that I have beat statistics.

As for the one 4 streak I got in that time, we calculate the number of individual throws it would take to achieve one 4 streak like this:

3(1:3odds of one throw)^4(four streak) * 1 (number of streaks) * 4 (number of throws per streak) = 324 throws.

So, I guess I just did what you would statistically expect in that period of time for that 4 streak.

Of course, if you also factor in my 4 and 5 streaks from the night before, it might be a little bit more amazing:::::   last night's 4 streak video was actually about 5 minutes long while the 5 streak video was about 9 minutes long::::::: I probably did pretty decently.

Who knows, maybe I'm just getting what one would statistically expect -- I'm no expert on statistics. I'm just talking about this because this is the sort of thing I'm in to.

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