Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bee in the Bonnet but no one to talk to

So, I was sitting around and thinking, and I started thinking about some stuff, and then I got a bit of a bee in my bonnet to go and talk to someone about what I'm thinking about....

But then I realized::: even though the number of closer friends I've had has increased a bit in the past several weeks, there are maybe 2 people who I would write to to discuss this topic, but I don't think it's appropriate at this moment.

I thought about putting these thoughts on my blog, and then thought, no, that's not an appropriate place either.

The thoughts I want to discuss involve video games, and my mind is full of wanting to talk but at the same time realizing there isn't much of an appropriate person for me to talk to about what I want to say at this moment.

Just a big thing on my mind that I don't think I can let out right now. So, I guess I'm releasing some of the pressure by saying I want to discuss but can't on this post.


As for my relationship with LDS mormonism::::: Ms. Sunshine is definitely very sunny and her kindness is hard to argue at, but in these past few days or week I've reviewed some facts about the LDS Mormon church and I've gone back to a position of not wanting to be involved --- in fact I feel a little guarded against the kindness of Ms. Sunshine as well.

Basically ---- there are many reasons, but a few are clear on my mind at any moment (except for when I forget) why the LDS church may be considered incorrect. I just remind myself of some of the problems and boom, I'm not interested anymore again and I actually feel sad that there are so many people who think they know it's true, when it's really hard to believe it's true once you've really examined it.

Anyway, yeah, I don't intend on ever going back to the LDS church. Ms. Sunshine's kindness is hard to argue with, I just have to keep fresh memories about why that church isn't so great.

I could probably write an essay right here about a few scriptures Joseph Smith wrote and tell you why I think it was fabricated by someone who had brain problems, but I'm not sure I will. Or maybe I will::::


OK --- You know how in mormonism in the book of Mormon you have to do everything in your power, you have to max out your works before you get saved right?

Well, in D&C 132:26 we learn that you can do whatever you want as long as you don't kill anyone, and you'll be saved/exalted (as long as you have a proper marriage).

Yup --- the church that says "do everything in your power in order to be saved" just said in that scripture you can do whatever you want and you'll still receive the top glory. Contradictory doctrine, and it just doesn't sound right.

Then in D&C 132:27 we learn that Joseph Smith considered blasphemy against the holy ghost to be when you murder an innocent person.

Really??? When you murder an innocent person, Joseph Smith would call that "Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost".  ????

I can understand that Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost is unforgivable, and that murder is unforgivable, but blasphemy and murder are two completely different kinds of sins.

Blasphemy is saying something defamatory about deity.

Murder is wrongfully killing a person.

Yet somehow in Joseph Smith's mind, blasphemy and murder are actually the same thing, and now you can say whatever you like about the Holy Ghost, apparently.

I just have one question:: if 'blasphemy against the holy ghost' is defined as 'murder', then how do you define 'blasphemy against christ' or 'blasphemy against god the father'? Why is blasphemy against the holy ghost specifically defined as murder and why/how is it any different than blasphemy from other members of the godhead?

What I find really strange about Joseph Smith's definition is that blasphemy against the holy ghost doesn't actually involve the holy ghost itself in any way shape or form::: your blasphemy against the holy spirit, according to Joseph Smith, doesn't involve saying or doing anything involving the actual holy ghost itself.

It's sad, and it reminds me how the church can't really be seen as true.

Blasphemy is actually saying defamatory things about God.

Saying defamatory things about the Holy Ghost is actually, apparently, unforgivable.

And Joseph Smith was just making stuff up and calling it scripture. Just like Brigham Young did (that's another story though).

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