Monday, December 8, 2014

An Unexpected Delight

OK - so a week or two ago I learned from an authorhouse sales report that I actually did sell a copy of my one book in July.

Today, I looked at my bank account for a payment I was expecting from Amazon. I wasn't aware of much in the way of sales from Amazon, I thought that maybe I might be paid for selling like, one book.

Well, it turns out that regardless of how closely I've tried to watch my amazon sales reports, well, there's been some kind of clerical error in that either the reports are completely inaccurate or I've been paid money for sales I didn't make.

I mean, if this is a situation where I'm being paid with no actual sales, I mean, I actually, in my heart, kind of accept that, because I calculated that if I was paid for all the books that people "ripped-off" of me, I would be quite a bit richer.

So, I don't know where this money came from or what books I sold, but it was real nice to see.

I don't know if these are Eagle's Sore, LTW, or Aftermath sales, because the reports didn't indicate anything as such, but if I've estimated the value of money correctly, either I sold 47-60 books or I've had some great luck with Kindle Unlimited on the Eagle's Sore.

I am absolutely astonished.  It was just nice to see that. Thanks everyone.


Now, part of me wonders if it was Mormons buying LTW or if it was gamers buying Eagle's Sore or whatever, I suppose my psychic powers should tell me that, but I'm not even gonna try --- I know, though I can prove some ability, that I am not capable of getting this assumption correct (or at least I doubt myself enough) -

So I just want to say to the LDS Mormon community, that if I did manage to guilt trip them into buying copies of my books, then thanks for caring. That was real nice.

Is LTW a pro mormon or anti-mormon book? It's kind of both, it's a mixed bag, just me rambling on about my own perspective.

I was thinking about some of the negative things I had to say about the church and I actually started finding it hilarious how misbehaved the church was. I mean, it looks like such serious error that it actually became hilarious for me this evening.

Basically, it was just thoughts of "God's plan of salvation is to force his children on drugs so they can be forgiven for their sins" or some line or lines of thought like that going on in my head ---- it was just so freakin' funny that I couldn't help but laugh and giggle to myself.

I guess that's a way of putting a positive spin on my negative comments.

But in all honesty, I do recognize some level of magical quality in the LDS church, and what the book says about it being possibly of god or the devil still stands.

The LDS church, has magic, and it is either of God or the devil. Sometimes it seems more likely to be of the devil ------ but I can just say I've finally found myself laughing about God's plan of salvation involving forcing his children on drugs for forgiveness of sins. Just hilarious.

(I'm talking about psychiatric drugs).


Anyway, thanks everyone, I was given more than I expected to see, and though it looks like I had big success selling to many people, because of the cost or price of my book, I only made a decent sum, nothing too fancy.

Anyway, thanks.

And of course, if this is a situation where I'm paid "right" but my sales reports just aren't being reported, then I might as well re-iterate a suspicion I kind of had about the government secretly taxing me.

I could have sold any amount of product and I'd never find out about it. Could be the government.

And yes, that makes this very comparable to a very recent episode of South Park where Canada is building hospitals paid for by micro-pay from americans in video games. Just seems kind of relatable to my own paranoid thoughts of the government secretly taxing me and knowing that I'm not being told the truth about my sales.

But it's all good, it's fun, I don't mind lending a hand with my earnings, I think it's "OK" to a certain extent for this to happen, especially as if it really is the government taxing me then I suppose it's legit because they've only been paying for my welfare for so long now.

Anywho. Just seeing some extra money from the work of my own hands is happy and pleasant for me.

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