Monday, November 24, 2014

Too Happy and Super-Excitable

So, I'm still in a very good mood about Mormonism.  Today I visited I saw something about a youtube personality on front page, Lindsey Stirling.  That was strange to me because LDS people had just been telling me on Facebook that the church isn't there to drive traffic or customers to privately held businesses, which I thought was a strange thing to tell me, and I was confirmed in that notion by the fact that had Lindsey Stirling right there on their front page.

Anyway, I've looked at a few of Lindsey Stirling's videos.

Her one video, combined with the preceding advertisement, really made me think and got me over excited about small similarities I saw with The Eagle's Sore (mostly the advertisement, though, actually).

Anyway, I then thought about how 22 Jump Street has a scene in it which appears to be relatable to a scene in The Eagle's Sore, thinking that Sony may have just lifted it from my book (I was a Sony shareholder when they released that movie)...

Then I thought back to last year, 2013.

In spring of 2013, I actually started work on A SEQUEL TO THE EAGLE'S SORE.  I finished the first few chapters, let it sit for a while, and then I noticed something strange:::

Remember how I reported that Avril Lavigne's music video for Rock n Roll seemed to draw inspiration from Disney and Eminem?

Well, I also had some reason to suspect that she may have hacked my sequel file or read my book or something because her music video also seemed to have had inspiration from The Eagle's Sore and the Sequel.  Just comparable things.

Anyway, yeah, I kept it quiet that I suspected she hacked my files, but I just felt like writing this blog post, exposing this little thing, now, because I wanted to say:::

I was working on a sequel to The Eagle's Sore, but then I stopped when I saw Avril Lavigne's music video because she "copied" me and people would think my sequel was copying her.

I also realized there was absolutely no money in me writing books, because even if I did advertise and get over 900 readers::: of the 1000+ readers of my book who I am aware of::: only ONE ever paid for a copy.

Yup::: I gave away ~100 at release, advertised a bunch, eventually (according to a site of low repute) over 900 people ripped off The Eagle's Sore, so there are probably over 1000 readers of that book now, and of all the 1000 readers, only ONE person has ever given me money for the book, and that was just because she was being very nice (and it really did lift my mood too).

Anyway.  Yeah.  I pretty much said everything I was thinking there.  This is the first time I've publicly stated that I thought there was too much similarity between Avril Lavigne's music video and a book I was working on which had not yet been completed or released ---- which occurrence in itself, (spoiler alert!) can be seen as the sort of thing that would happen in the book series.


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