Friday, November 14, 2014

Looking Kindlier Upon the LDS Church Again

So, it's 6pm and the day is ending with me feeling nicer, happier, kindlier towards the LDS church again.

One LDS person sent me a nice and supportive facebook post and encouraged me to forget past wrongs --- that started to boost my mood today.

Then my brother mentioned a scripture to me in The Book of Mormon, and after hours of not totally understanding him or thinking about it --- it suddenly struck me how that scripture may be seen to apply to me personally in how I experienced the church.

A friend of my dad's from church visited us today, and we had a good long chinwag, and I felt comfortable with that.

So ---- I just have to say, that at the end of today I get a sense of "good rapport" from the Mormons.

I do kind of still have confusions or questions about the LDS church like history and doctrine, but my personal relationship with those people is "looking up", it would seem, if today is any indication.

I would like to discuss the scripture my brother shared with me and how I see it apply in my own life -- but I won't because I'm guessing that someone out there may find it offensive in some way, shape, or form. I'm not taking any firm positions right now, but at least I might have gained insight into what happened in my life.

And I just feel better and happier about the LDS church after today.

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