Saturday, November 22, 2014

I seem to be seemingly turning Pro-Mormon again.

OK, so like I said, I have this old LDS friend who is shining her sunshine on me and I feel lifted right up about it. The negative emotions and attitudes are disappearing, and I'm becoming more positive and happy about things.

Part of my tentative conversion back to Mormonism is a story that happens near the end of The Book of Finch::::

I sent Dallin H Oaks a letter. I swore at him in that letter. I was very upset about what I went through in the church.

Later that year, I had impressions on my mind 3 nights in 1 week, telling me to go outside so I could see or meet Jesus Christ.

All three nights when I went outside, I DID SEE SOMEONE WHO I would've identified as Jesus Christ.

Anyway, on the second night, Jesus never said a word, but he did make hand-signals at me.

I have since learned that one of those hand-signals was a lot like, resembling, or just the very same as a hand signal used in LDS temple rituals.

OK - I probably shouldn't say more even though I'm not under any covenants of keeping it quiet, but just to not rock the boat:::

I've never been to the LDS temple ceremonies beyond baptisms for the dead.

After writing hate-mail to Dallin H Oaks, Jesus Christ appeared to me, and one of the hand-signals he made resembled an LDS temple thing.

I've got an old LDS friend who is being very sunny, I have found friendship, and I can't help but feel a pro-moromon attitude arise in me, bolstered by my testimony of Jesus.

For a long time it was hard for me to tell if the Jesus I saw was the Mormon Jesus or the Christian Jesus, and maybe it's still too difficult to tell for certain, but right now my mind is totally going "That was Mormon Jesus!!!" Hah. Who knows.

Anyway, my LDS friend has agreed with me that Avril Lavigne can potentially be saved.

Which means there are divided parties in the LDS church, as near as I can tell.  There are the wheat, and there are the tears.  There's the good and the bad.

I can now conceptualize in my mind a good Mormon, being pro-mormon, and then ignoring some of the garbage some of these "LDS" people come up with. Yay. :)

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