Sunday, November 9, 2014

First Telepathy for quite a while

So, it's been a while since I last posted about telepathy experiments. One big reason for this is that of the few tests I did over the past months, I mostly didn't do very well, achieving 0/3's and maybe a few 1/3's.

Today I did 4 telepathy tests.

The first test was alphanumeric (letters and numbers) pick 3 with my Dad. I completely failed.

The second test was number-only pick 3 with my dad::: again I completely failed.

I then said a prayer to God regarding telepathy and tried again with my Mom, on a number-only pick 3 test:::

I put down 4 numbers and she put down 3, but one of my numbers was right. Not really very impressive, but ~1/3.

The next test is the reason why I'm posting this post though: I did one more number-only pick 3 with my dad.

I said: 9 4 2.

He said: 9 7 2.


Yay. Maybe God decided to let me have some ability again after my prayer, or maybe I just got really lucky --- but I calculate the odds of getting 2/3 in the right order to be:::

0.9% chance, or ~1:111 odds.

In grade 12, when my brain broke down, I didn't do very well in statistics, but to me this does look like the right answer. It makes sense in my mind that this is a reasonable statistic.

So, I did 4 tests, 3 of them failed horribly, but the last one I beat the odds. Yay.

UPDATE  4:13PM::::

So, I just did one more, the fifth, telepathy test today with my Dad, Number-only pick 3.

I said: 4 2 6

He said: 4 0 6

So: that's two 2/3 tests in a row, both with odds of 0.9% happening each. Twice in one day, two in five tests, at such low odds. Cool.

I guess I got a bit of my ability back.

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