Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Avril's Salvation and Positive Thought Processes

So, the person who I will refer to as "Ms Sunshine" was getting me all into positive thinking, insomuch that I prayed to God that i would remember only good things and forget all the bad stuff.

That prayer mostly worked, but even so it's not hard for some problems to arise on my mind.

Anyway:: Back to the question of AVRIL LAVIGNE'S POTENTIAL SALVATION.

Either Avril Lavigne can or could have potentially been saved, or she could never have been saved. There is no third option:: she could come to heaven, or she could never come to heaven.

Well, as I said in The Book of Finch, ol' Bishop Stevens decided that I couldn't be friends with Avril because of the beat and tempo of her music being wrong and because she wore the wrong clothing.

Essentially, the bishop decided to damn Avril to hell because she's a rockstar and wasn't already a Mormon.

Now:::: I find it highly unreasonable and even just plain not right that someone would be damned to hell just because of popular musical talent.

I mean, what the Bishop essentially said was "She's a non-mormon rockstar so she'll go to hell for eternity" and he didn't think of any idea that she could ever have been saved.

So really, the Bishop decided that Avril would be damned to hell for completely frivolous reasons.

Of course, throughout my socializations on this topic, I have encountered numerous people, all mormon, who believe that Avril Lavigne in fact CAN potentially be saved.  God loves everyone, so Avril could be saved, and shouldn't be damned to hell.

Basically, it's a situation where people really do see and understand that the Bishop was, in fact, wrong in his position that Avril Lavigne could never be saved.

THE BISHOP WAS WRONG. It's that simple. Being a non-mormon rockstar is absolutely in no way a valid reason to damn someone to hell.

It is so very clear, in the eyes of so many people, that the Bishop did something stupid, he did something not right, the bishop was essentially consciously deciding to hurt someone just because they weren't already Mormon.

Anyway, somehow I did meet a couple LDS people who felt that the Bishop was in no way wrong and is such a good person that you could never criticize him, and that it was wrong to criticize him.

Just by saying "his decision was bad" or "his decision was wrong" I have criticized him.  And a couple people felt that I was wrong to criticize him, just because he was the bishop and therefore he must be a good person.

Anyway, if The Bishop cannot be criticized for what he said, then where does that put Avril's potential salvation?

Either Avril CAN be saved and the bishop was wrong,


The Bishop was right and Avril will burn in hell forever just because she's not already LDS.

I am actually seriously surprised that people would prefer to damn Avril to hell for eternity just so they can say the bishop was never wrong about anything.  That is completely senseless and just plain, well, stupid.

Anyway, most LDS people I've talked to do seem to think that Avril could come to heaven,

Therefore the Bishop was wrong to criticize her music and clothing, and if criticizing her music and clothing was a bad idea, then there was really no good reason to say that she couldn't be friends with me.

Avril COULD be friends with me ---- The Bishop was actually just being completely unreasonable by trying to force an end to our friendship.

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