Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Stand Up for Canada

I didn't want to comment today, because with some of the subject matter of this blog, maybe I'd be asking for trouble (from any source),

But I feel driven to say a bit about how Canada is a great country, and ever since 9/11 I felt a great deal more patriotism for my great nation.

I am upset that someone would perform such an awful act towards Canada or Canadians, and I believe Canada to be such a great nation that I would understand anyone who takes a serious position against Canada in such a way to be deluded.

If I wasn't so mentally ill, and/or if I wasn't so physically unfit, perhaps, maybe I too would want to serve Canada.

Weighing almost 400 pounds, I am clearly not physically fit.

My mental illness may range anywhere from just feeling unmotivated or lazy to thinking I can see and talk to God - who knows how I wrong I am.

But my desire to serve Canada would stem from being a bit patriotic, as well as knowing "it would be a job, something to do".

Anyway, I love Canada, and I'm proud of my country.

I didn't want to say anything for fear of trouble, but I feel almost or seemingly compelled to express some form of patriotism.

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