Friday, October 10, 2014

Seeking a sign

Seeing this sign at a local mall gave me a chuckle and reminded me of something:

I've been reading the New Testament lately, and Jesus says a wicked and adulterous generation seeks a sign, and that there will be no sign given except for that like Jonas and the whale- I think he was referring to his own upcoming crucifixion as well.

Any way, I think it's interesting that the Book of Finch story discusses a similar kind of sign- involving LDS prophets.

Yes - The Book of Finch discusses what could be considered an actual legitimate sign.

I always thought the sign was from God, but if LDS is of the devil then we can't be so sure.

It seems hard to discern what came from where, but if 'The sign if the book of finch' really is legitimate from God, well - even that is relevant to the Jewish discussion I've been going through, and like I said in the book - what is God trying to say by these things?

If the deaths if the LDS apostles is a legitimate Godly miracle, then it either points out folly in LDS doctrine or points out its legitimacy, I'm a little too confused at this point to make the judgment call I think-

But if the LDS doctrine is legit, then Mormons aren't fully following like Uchtdorf said (in the earlier reference to the hypocrisy)

If the doctrine is being pointed out is folly, then I guess we can just go on with our lives without the church maybe.

I don't like discussing this anymore - it was just a funny sign at the mall that made me think.


Now that I'm back home::: The scripture reference is Matthew 12:39.

Kind of reminds me of the Jonas brothers (I thought it was Jonah and the whale, turns out it's actually Jonas - wrong name in my mind), and the burning up tour and how Avril Lavigne was involved in that.

Yeah. Hmmm.


Anyway, I'm getting sick of this topic::: and I realize I could be wrong at any point, I know I'm not perfect, all I know is there was some really magical-like experience I had a while back that may have involved God or the Devil and it's a sign like mentioned in the New Testament like Jonas and the Whale and it involves LDS doctrine involving preaching to the Jews --- and it's all kind of confusing for me to deal with now.

I've inspected much of the anti-mormon stuff, and well, I am very concerned about the LDS church, especially considering all the negative personal experiences I've had with it.

But --- according to my personal testimony which I will not deny, there is a real legitimate magic or miraculousness about LDS Mormonism. I just wonder if it's really God or if it's the Devil is all.

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