Sunday, October 26, 2014

On Parental Insanity and the Mormon Solution

So, when I was growing up for a while in my late teens, a common theme in my life was hearing my dad complaining about the neighbours and always having his tools all over the place because he's trying to fix the damage he perceives our neighbours have done to our vehicles.

My dad was absolutely obsessive about this idea that a community of our neighbours was vandalising our transportation to force us out of our home.

My mom told me that my dad is actually crazy. This is before/shortly before I went insane myself. My mom made it very clear to me that my dad was actually having brain problems -- that he was completely deluded and insane or something.

Anyway, I, as the history goes, I started to have a tendency to rebel against my father. I discovered that I didn't have to listen to what he said anymore.

What did the Mormon church think? The mormon church thought it was appropriate to tell me that I HAVE to obey my crazy and deluded father.

That's correct::: My mom who is a trained medical doctor diagnosed my father with a mental illness before I came down with anything, and in my rebellion I'm being told that I'm supposed to obey the crazy man, the LDS church has told me this.

I mean, the LDS church told me I'd work miracles, but when the psychiatrist determined that I was crazy because I believed in miracles, the LDS church or bishop did nothing to defend my belief and even encouraged the psychiatry. Later when the psychiatric doctors discovered my patriarchal blessing, they decided that I wasn't so much crazy as I was either legit or misled --- I am not actually schizophrenic according to the new diagnosis.

But the LDS church thought I was schizophrenic (for having believed what they told me) and that I should be obeying my Dad, who my mom says is crazy.

Anyway, so in my dad's crazy and deluded or at very least very upset state about neighbours and their vandalism, he asked the church what he should do to deal with neighbours who wrong us so much.

In my experience with the LDS church, whenever you try to take someone to law in church over anything, the only response you will ever get from the Bishop or Stake President is D&C 64 that you are required forgive the person who wronged you.

So, it can be understood that the church required us to forgive the neighbours causing my dad's problems.

Now::: what did they mean by this forgiveness?? First off::: the church didn't lift a finger to help us prosecute any criminal acts.

Forgiveness in this case was "completely let it off the hook AND don't even remember that it's happening" --- which means the church did dick all to help us respond to a situation in our community. It also means we went on living our lives with my dad constantly reminding us of something we were supposed to forget and never realize was still happening.

Anyway ---- the church did dick-all (that's canadian for 'nothing') to help my father deal with possibly criminal matters in our home and community.....

so later when I strike the missionaries' car (after the church rejected my testimony of the Holy Spirit), here I am actually testing them to see how well they forgive me.

Did they forgive me?? If you call being locked up, drugged and told to not believe in God anymore forgiveness....

anyway, when my dad had his problems with being vandalised, the church's definition of forgiveness there was "do dick all about it",

but when I did something to the missionaries the church's response of forgiveness was to make me suffer, which wasn't really forgiveness when you think about it --- oh and I got the punishment on top of making restitution for damages.

So if I understand mormonism, they were supposed to forgive me even if I did nothing to pay for the crime --- but we did pay for the damages and they still made me "suffer the consequence" of what I did.

So, basically::

Church tells me to obey crazy dad.
Crazy dad told by church to forgive a whole list of perceived wrongs.
Church fails to forgive son who is upset about church blaspheming holy ghost,

and I guess I could also mention "church leaders forgiven for blaspheming holy ghost".

Yup. That's another story about why I don't trust mormons anymore.

I can see that people are clearly upset with the LDS mormonism, and I am too.

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