Monday, October 13, 2014

On Good Works [in Mormonism Part 2]

I suppose I made a mistake in my analysis in yesterday's blog post.

I said, that in Mormonism, if you always forgive, you'll always be forgiven.

OK ----- in Mormonism, even if you always completely forgive everyone who has ever wronged you --- if you do something that's considered wrong, and you don't confess and repent of it, then the church can take you to law over it.

So, I guess I made a mistake with yesterday's blog post. I thought mormonism was about always forgiving everything and always being forgiven---- because in christianity if you forgive you'll be forgiven----

but if you do something wrong, if you don't confess and repent then you'll be taken to law.

And remember::: In mormonism, even if you are taken to law for doing something wrong, and you are punished for it --- they are still forgiving you even as you are being punished.

In Mormonism, forgiveness is just this thing where you don't feel angry or have any remembrance about something bad that happened. If you remember the bad thing that happened, then you are condemned of a sin worse than the original offence.

Yeah. Huh.

So, if you die, and get judged by God, God will forgive you for your sins::: You get damned to hell and God just doesn't feel angry. That's the Mormon way!!!


The forgiveness issue is one big reason I reject Mormonism now. It doesn't make sense to me how the mormons do things.

In regular Christianity, "Forgive" is the word used when you let go of justice, when you let someone off the hook.

In Mormonism, I actually don't know of any commonly used term the mormons use to let people off the hook ---- they are constantly forgiving, but that word doesn't mean "let off the hook".

Yeah. The Mormons changed the definition of the word, and it confuses me.

I still reject Mormonism at this point.

Anyway ---- always forgiving and always being forgiven in mormonism sounds good, but when you actually examine the doctrine they'll punish you as they forgive you, which means you are supposed to be a "good boy" anyway.

There is no word for "let off the hook" in Mormonism.

And I find it very confusing.

Oh --- and even if you do confess to what you've done like you're supposed to, there's still a chance that someone in the church will hold it against you forever anyway -- or even if you do confess, you'll still be punished anyway even though confession and repentance are supposed to stay the hand of justice.


Anyway, I am way too obsessed with religion/mormonism. I kind of wish I could stop talking about this topic.

I am obsessive. I write too much. I probably bug the people I'm closest to online. I feel like an idiot about it.

It's a real good thing I have a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse to write to --- cuz if I didn't I'd be full of things to say but no one to say them to --- because my dad doesn't like talking to me about much of what I'm interested in. Ugh.

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