Sunday, October 12, 2014

On Good Works [in mormonism and christianity]

In Mormonism, you are always meant to forgive absolutely everything.

If you forgive everybody of everything, then you will always be forgiven, and therefore can really do no wrong.

But - my Dad says - you are supposed to always be doing the right thing and always being a good person in any good church - including mormonism.

Well, Mormonism teaches that we are saved FROM sin -- Or at least that was what Alma and Amulek taught -- therefore we are always supposed to do the right thing, right?

Well, I can only imagine Alma and Amulek were influenced in their teaching by the evil and wicked King Noah --- King Noah thought salvation came by following the law of Moses. Therefore, as near as I can tell, the Mormon attitude that we are saved from sin actually originated from the bad guy.

Before the bad guy influenced Alma to teach that thing, we have Nephi who seemed to think the law is dead and ought to be done away --- Nephi believed that Jesus Christ fulfilled the law and therefore there was no need for any more law.

That probably explains why the prophet Joseph Smith Jr. had over 30 wives adulterously --- the truth of the religion is that the law was fulfilled and ought to be done away, the bad guy said follow the rules, and if you forgive everything then you'll always be forgiven.

So -- that's mormonism. My dad likes the good works of religion, but he doesn't realize that mormonism is actually about doing whatever you want and always being forgiven and it was the bad guy who believed in following the rules.


Christianity, in the bible, says "Faith without works is dead".

So, in order to be saved, all you have to do is believe in Jesus. Bang, Jesus saved you. And then, having been saved, you are born a new man who is inclined to do good always --- if you aren't being a good boy then you're dead, because if you have the faith you have to have the good works.


So, Mormonism is "works+grace=salvation", which means if you always forgive everything then you've done all your works and you'll always be forgiven which brings you salvation.

Christianity is "faith = grace = salvation + works" and "dead = faith - works" and "alive = faith + works".


I have to say, I'm not convinced by the LDS way of doing things. I like christianity much better (even if I don't go to a church, it's kind of hard to attend a church when part of your family is still doing the LDS thing, and you don't live alone and can't drive a car).

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