Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lets try to organize my thoughts

So:: Today I had 4 main thought points I thought I felt like discussing, but because I have no friends I'm putting it on my blog, and we'll see how well I organize these thoughts.

So: I have no friends. I write too much to the few I do have, and I'm obsessed with religion. Must be pretty freakin' annoying.

I would love to play local multiplayer ouya games. But I have no friends. Tonight I wanted to play some local multiplayer --- but my mom went for her LDS visit teaching and my brother is going for his swimming class.

If it's not work, or regular life duties, it's the LDS church getting in the way of a good family fun time. Ugh.

Oh -- and my parents don't play videogames much or very well.

I suppose developing videogames was a fun thing to do: but seeing as how I'm not a real artist on my own, I was open to criticism on ouyaforum for not doing my own artwork. Apparently it's a crime to pay someone else for their artwork.

Anyway, the point is, even though I'm not inherently an artist, and though I don't think I was quite planning to get into the video game industry (or, not as an indie at least), I suppose I did myself a disservice by not taking art in school.

Yup --- through out all my schooling I was taking options like Spanish, Foods, Drama, Computers ---- but I never took art. Being a lone indie game developer is tough, when you never learned art, and it's become some kind of social crime to pay someone else for their art.

As for "social crimes", if that's what this next topic can be called:: Remember when Dairy Queen was doing their "Monster Cookie Blizzard Special"?

I remember it:: Monster Cookies at Dairy Queen.

I grew up eating my Mom's Monster Cookies. She got the recipe from someone else she knew long ago, and well, she made them so much when I was a kid and our family just loved them.

And then Dairy Queen stole the concept and made it into a blizzard, and I don't remember very well but I don't think it quite did justice to what I had as a kid.

I'm writing about Monster Cookies because my parents came home from shopping today with a tray full of peanut butter cookies.  Reminded me of Monster Cookies.

I don't know the exact recipe, but if Dairy Queen wants to get Monster Cookies right, the recipe involves Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chips, M&Ms, Oatmeal.... and probably a few other chemicals to make the cookies turn out right, but I got the main flavouring in there.

Yeah, monster cookies are kind of like Reeses in that they go with the chocolate/peanut butter thing, but they're cookies and not "candy". And they don't look anything like Reeses.

So yeah --- I talk too much, I have too much to say and too few people to say it to. So, I might be one of the most annoying people on earth, with how if you become my friend you can expect an at least somewhat filled inbox. Sorry everyone.

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