Sunday, October 5, 2014

Impressed with General Conference

So --- General Conference was this past weekend.

I visited to have a look at what was being taught. I only found a list of speakers and audio/video links for their talks.

I asked God "Of this weekend's LDS general conference, which speaker do you think I should listen to the most?"

God seemed to respond that I should listen to Jeffery R Holland's talk.

I just watched the whole talk.

And I am very impressed.

Throughout my questionings of LDS mormonism, even now in my rejection of the church I see Elder Holland's talk and I think he has done something wonderful, to preach those things.

So -- I question why my family would continue with the church when there are such glaring faults and problems that I see ---- well, I will not deny that LDS apostles are always/usually very impressive men.


Elder Holland gave his talk about helping poor people. Excellent topic. Excellent truth.

I can't help but have some love for this man despite my consistent rejection of their church at this point ---- Of course, perhaps I am happy with this teaching because it helps me feel better about myself and my life ----

because in my life I was poor and was helped.

in my life I help poor people.

The talk that Elder Holland gave was socially-conscious, beautiful, and spoke to me from my personal experience.

Yeah --- I guess I can't be all negative about the church -- even if I have some difficulty with various things about the church or whatever about it --- LDS apostles are very impressive men and I usually end up agreeing with them.

Yup --- even in my rejection of this church in all it's faults, I can still praise their leadership to some extent for how impressed I am.

And ---- just go watch his talk, he's the one who taught the necessary doctrine.

The point of Holland's talk was to help poor people.

The point of this blog post is to concede that Holland has done something wonderful.

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