Monday, October 27, 2014

Illustrating what mormons mean by 'forgive'

I just feel like posting another written illustration of the difference between the word "forgive" to most people and what it means to mormons:: defines the word "forgive" as "to pardon someone", essentially to say it in my own words (based on the dictionary).  "Forgive" and "pardon" are seen as synonymous.


When someone is pardoned of theft or murder: what happens? When someone is pardoned of theft or murder they stop being punished for that crime - or at least, that's how I understand it -- and that's how I understand forgiveness to work too, if you are forgiven of what you did, it will not be held against you.


In Mormonism, when someone is forgiven of theft or murder, are they punished?

As I have understood it, a person forgiven of a crime in mormonism still has to face the punishment but the victim or the offended just isn't angry anymore.

So though the Dictionary says forgiveness and granting pardon are the same thing, and they really are the same thing to most of us:::

Mormons hold that you can be forgiven of your sins yet still be punished for them at the same time.

At least, that is how I've understood it.

Mormons changed the definition of the word ---- and I think the LDS church is fraudulent personally.

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