Saturday, October 18, 2014

I feel sorry for LDS Apostles

I feel moved with a sort of compassion or pity to say that I actually feel sorry for the 15 LDS apostles.

I used to be angry, I used to want some kind of revenge ---- but now I just feel sorry for them.

When I was growing up, amazingly the LDS church was in a way able to "prove" itself to me with the reality of their miraculous nature, I believed in it and I thought my faith was justified because I found miracles to suggest the church was real or true or whatever.

There are two options for why I feel sorry for the apostles, one of these options is true, and in the case of the true option, this is how I feel sorry for them::

Option 1)) The LDS church really is/was true.
If the LDS church really was the truth, then I feel sorry for the 15 LDS apostles because of all the attacks the church faces, and I feel sorry for the apostles because their people don't necessarily represent the Christ-like goodness that they were always supposed to represent.
Even if the LDS church was the truth, it fails so badly that it seems like a sinking ship, and I feel sorry for the LDS apostles because they are left with lifetime duties to a sinking ship, with people who don't make very good choices and all kinds of attacks on their religion.

Option 2) In the more likely case that the LDS church is actually false/some kind of Satanic fraud::
I feel sorry for the 15 LDS apostles that they were duped into giving their whole lives to an organization that was actually just a Satanic lie. I myself offered my whole life to this organization, and if it wasn't for a misbehaved bishop and stake president shaking me out of it, I might've ended up spending my life with the wrong church. I got lucky, but now I just feel sad and sorry for the 15 LDS apostles --- that their lives are spent trying to deal with a very bad situation where they have millions of believers giving their lives --- but those believers are delusional because the church misrepresented itself and if people find out then the 15 apostles might get in trouble.

I feel sorry for them, it's very sad that they lead a church that has so many problems. The church these men represent has had some pretty bad ways of believing in things in their history, and I'm sorry that these 15 men are or seem forced to spend their lives with the insanity. It must be a very difficult situation to deal with.

Thank God I got out of it. I wouldn't want to have to deal with those kinds of problems.

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