Thursday, October 9, 2014

God's Actual Will

I've been thinking about what the Mormons teach:

As far as I can glean from LDS Mormon teachings, the Mormons believe that what Nazi Germany did to the Jews was actually God's will --- and there is apparently a bit of a history, apparently, of LDS church leaders supporting the Nazi government.

1) Would Jesus, or a loving God, really seriously condemn a whole race of people so badly?

What the Jews did to Jesus was insignificant compared to the pain "Jesus" returned upon them.

Jesus was SUPPOSED to atone for the sins of the world --- and the death didn't last, Jesus rose.

If the Jews were just doing as was prophecied, why would God condemn them for an act they were always meant to carry out?

I feel sick.

I grew up in the LDS church being hypnotized by their ideas that the book of mormon is totally true and the Mormons represent the one true church. When I found 2nd Nephi 25:16 I thought that was a very interesting doctrine and I always remembered it in case it was important or needed investigation.

God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son etc.... I mean, God wants to help and save the world, not condemn it.

It's true that Jesus didn't seem to like the Pharisees very much, but why would he do such horrible things to an entire race over something they were supposed to do??

Spencer W Kimball made it clear in The Miracle of Forgiveness that God did not forgive the Jews....

but the Jews did what they were supposed to when they crucified Jesus, and I find it hard to believe that God would condemn them for doing their part.

Mormonism is just sick. They get millions of followers, and if my sample population was any case they don't even realize what their prophets have actually said regarding the Jews.

Mormon doctrine believes that the Holocaust was God's will, as near as I can interpret what I've seen --- but it doesn't make sense that a LOVING GOD would do such horrible things for a "crime" which was always meant to happen and can actually hardly be considered a crime.

The Jews of Moses' day and forward sacrificed their Lambs, supposedly, as a type of the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ which was to come. Jesus was always MEANT to die.

And then God punishes Jesus' people for the final atoning sacrifice they were meant to commit? Doesn't make sense.

Doesn't make any sense at all.

I've argued the Pro-Mormon attitude on this issue before, but it was faulty. The rebuttal against me was that God loves all his children --- why would God do such horrible things to his kids for something they were always intended to do?


Basic point of this blog post::: Mormonism is folly, mormonism is completely wrong. Please love your fellow man as yourself, and that includes Jews. The Book of Mormon was probably mistaken when it said God scourges the Jews, and Mormon prophets aren't trustworthy on this issue it seems.

Anyway, there probably is no need to be evil at the Jews.

The Mormon church is most likely a satanic lie and deception.

I am so ashamed of having tried to support that organization.

It just doesn't make sense that God would do those horrible things for a crime that ways always meant to be committed. Maybe the antithesis of my viewpoint could be logically argued --- but what the Nazis did was so horrible I don't understand how a loving God could do such a thing.

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