Thursday, October 2, 2014

God makes me feel good

So, yesterday I wrote my bit about how hatred is a disease because of how I was feeling those evil feelings, i was picking up on "an awful spirit" somewhere.

But, no fear, I was able to pray to God the father, and those evil feelings of hatred which I sensed melted away and I became full of Love again.

Now --- the feelings of Love I got from God the Father had nothing to do with a testimony of the validity of The Book of Mormon or of Mormon Prophets --- LDS church lore had nothing to do with those good feelings, I had good feelings of happiness and love, seemingly, just because I got back in contact with God.

If there was an evil spirit causing bad feelings in my heart, well, talking to God sent those bad feelings away and I started feeling A LOT better.

Yup. Hmmm.

Not much to say --- it was just interesting to note that the disease of hateful feelings in my heart was sent away by prayers to God who replaced those feelings with feelings of love and those happy and warm feelings had nothing to do with any testimony of The Book of Mormon or mormon prophets. They were just the feelings you get from praying to God.

So, whatever a scientist might glean from that - who knows - the simple act of praying to God the father can remove the evil feelings and put in good and loving feelings. Interesting fact of what I experienced last night.

It's kind of strange, though, when Mormons get to you to pray to God, and then they tell you the feelings He gives are actually telling you about the truth of their book. I'd say those are just feelings of Love that God emanates somehow, and don't necessarily have anything to do with the truth of anything.

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