Friday, October 10, 2014

Back to the Basic Question

I'm getting sick of my religion obsession, but I just have a mental drive to think and talk about Mormonism, because I grew up in that church and the church wants to take over your life, essentially, they make you obsessive about it.

I kind of wonder if I should voluntarily take down my own blog and/or unpublish some of my books. Issues.

So --- back to the basic question::: Mormonism obviously has some magical or miraculous quality about it, in my experience, so is this the church of God or the Devil?

The Mormons make people miserable over small imperfections -- does that sound like God or the Devil?

The Mormons believe people should be punished for their obedience (the whole Jewish question) --- does that sound like God or the Devil?

I think Dieter F Uchtdorf (Come, Join With Us, October 2013) admitted that the church is full of hypocrites::: would God rely on a church of hypocrites to save the world?

Mormon Doctrine can be completely confusing and contradictory with itself and normal christianity once studied more in depth --- would God really do that?

Would God make us all believe in "ancient civilizations" of the americas that leave no archeological trace?

I might as well stop the list of questions now.  Does this sound like "Christ's one and only true and living church"?

Anyway, something to think about --- if that really is God, I still don't see the point of being involved. It could easily be Satan's church, a deception and perversion of actual christianity.

Anyway --- I wish I could make myself shut up about these things, I hate this topic now --- I am so sad that my brain is obsessed with it.

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