Tuesday, October 21, 2014

An Observation from reading the New Testament

I'm reading the New Testament.

One thing is very clear from my reading::: Jesus has a real problem with the Pharisees.

This leads me to pray to God, and my prayers to God indicate (if I am not just crazy) that God does have some kind of problem with the Jews, as is indicated in the New Testament.

So:: According to both LDS and Christian scripture God has a big problem with Jews, and no one takes this seriously.

Makes me think of 1st Corinthians 10:13 which says that 'no sin has overtaken you except that which is common to man', or in other words, if everyone's doing it, you probably do it to.

I remember growing up in the LDS church, and with the way the church made a big issue out of masturbation, well, they really really brought me down over that little "sin".

Anyway, I think it can be clearly understood that sexual sin, or even just masturbation --- really is common to man.

I can't be ashamed of masturbation if it's a sin so common that I was gonna be overtaken by it.

Yet the LDS church seemed to insist on completely shaming me over this common problem I didn't feel I could avoid.

Anyway, if everyone is going to completely ignore the "jewish question" as indicated in Christian and Mormon scriptures, then I don't see why the church had to be in a hissy fit about masturbation too --- they should probably just leave those of us with the problem alone (and I'm sure it's a common problem).

When we all do something wrong, we shouldn't condemn each other over it.

So, as I have observed past in my life, the next time someone from the church tries to shame me about my "common masturbation" problem, I can just ask them what they think about Jews.

It might show the hypocrisy.

Anyway, yeah, it's clear God doesn't like Jews as I see it, and if you are willing to ignore that part of His will, then please don't bother me about the masturbation either.

Basically:: I'm not saying you should do anything to Jewish people. I'm just saying if  you are gonna be an extremist and take my pound of flesh for my little sin, then realize what God also seems to say regarding Jews. So don't be an extremist, forgive the Jews, forgive Gays, forgive me for masturbating.


It makes more sense to not condemn.

God seemed to show a willingness to condemn various things all throughout the scriptures, but then he taught forgiveness and mercy, so I guess condemnation isn't all that important, so unless you want to start a fight, stop shaming me about my little physiological problem.

There, I think I've said it enough.


In other news, I am kind of getting tired of discussing these things, and sometimes I feel like taking my blog down. I don't know if I will yet --- but right now, at this moment, I feel like moving on with my life.

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