Tuesday, October 28, 2014

After Letters to Whomever Ended

I apologize if it seems like I'm constantly spouting off the same things over again and I can't shut up --- I have psychological issues, I need to talk about my problems, my dad doesn't discuss it with me, and I just have a feeling of an urge to need to talk about stuff.

In The Book of Finch, the Bishop decided that Avril Lavigne would not be saved. And if the church did decide to save Avril --- for some reason I specifically was restricted from being friends with her.

It seemed kind of unreasonable that the church would damn Avril to hell just for being a rockstar, and in the case the church did decide to save her - it seemed unreasonable that I would be restricted from being her friend because she sings about me and I was supposed to be a travelling preacher to the nations, and it didn't make sense that a travelling preacher would be specifically disallowed by his bishop from being friends with a girl who sings about said preacher when the holy ghost said they should be together and it was only the bishop's opinion that the holy ghost would not have said that.

When you think about it, if I was going to be a "famous mormon" who would teach the gospel to the world, it doesn't make sense that Avril Lavigne would have to be specifically excluded from dealings with me --- especially when she does appear to be singing about me. Doesn't make any sense at all.

And it didn't make sense that I'd have to just sit there and live in a church that treated me as bad and dishonestly as the Liabilitys (fake code name) did whilst not having any relationship with a singer who actually told the truth and was being kind to me.

In Letters To Whomever, I think I had some contact with someone from the church who visited my home who did admit that the Bishop was in fact actually wrong to enforce his personal opinion on me as bishop etc.

After Letters To Whomever was over, I was visited by someone else from the church who was belligerent that I would ever criticize my leaders.

Anyway, when a leader can be so freakin' seriously wrong, and then you still aren't allowed to criticize or say anything --- it's clear the church isn't true.

Just look at Luke 6:26:: it's bad if all men speak good things about you, because that is how they treat false prophets.

It becomes understood that Mormon leaders are false prophets who must be obeyed and can't be criticized.

The system doesn't work.


And I would also want to continue expounding on the topic of what forgiveness is and how the LDS church didn't behave anywhere near reasonable in the realm of crime, punishment and forgiveness, but that seems unnecessary, like beating a dead horse with a stick.

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