Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Topic that Causes Anxiety

The topic of the post I wrote earlier today is not a nice one.

It's causing me anxiety.

Millions of lives in the balance and your eternal welfare at stake.

This is an issue and a scripture/doctrine I took to heart long ago because I knew it would be a big issue.

And I am sick about it. It's causing me great anxiety. Kind of makes me feel like I wish I didn't exist, perhaps suicidal feelings.

I'm sure the issue makes many people uncomfortable.

I'm not even sure it's really all that great to talk about online.

I am so sorry to everyone involved in these horrible issues.

My heart goes out to LDS people who don't seem to understand the actual truths or issues at stake.

I'm sorry for all the terrible suffering that has ever been caused by this issue.

I myself am just kind of wishing I could disappear from life so I don't have to face these issues.

I guess that's all I need to say about this for now.

I am truly sorry for all the problems the discussed issue might cause or be for people. It's a real big issue, and and a real big problem.

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