Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Double-Bind Out of Mormonism

I didn't mention this yet (except in an email), but on Monday the 13th, which was Canadian Thanksgiving, I had over 2000 visits to this blog from Israel.

Considering some of my subject matter --- that is actually kind of scary.

Anyway, after finding I had over 2000 visits from Israel midday that day, I went on, eventually going to my daily reading of the New Testament.

I read a chapter of the New Testament, and I felt moved to pray, pray in a way I don't normally pray --- and in my prayer I felt ready to meet Jesus again.

I was trying to set up and appointment to see Jesus Christ again, because I wanted to know what I should be doing with my life, I wanted instructions, and I also would have liked Him to help me with weight loss.

Up to this point God had always been just telling me to just live my life, there aren't any real instructions.

So, I went outside, with a book in hand, and decided I'd wait and see if Jesus Christ would arrive.

There was only one character of interest who walked past my house in that time I waited::: he was dressed up like a carpenter, but looked very different from past times I had seen Jesus. I didn't recognize him as Jesus when I saw him, but his appearance was stunning enough that I said "hi" to him as he passed and he greeted me, continuing on his way.

Anyway, the thoughts in my head, or the "thought-voice of God" eventually told me that I had already seen Jesus that day and I could stop waiting.

According to The Book of Finch, Jesus Christ is supposedly capable of making himself appear as a dark-skinned-black-haired man, so if I had seen Jesus Christ again in that little wait, he looked different than the past times I recognized Him.

Anyway, realizing I saw someone dressed like a carpenter walking home from work on a holiday when he could've been driving, I realized who Jesus may have been, but was confused enough by his very different appearance I asked God for further confirmation that this was the Lord.

I asked God that if I really had seen Jesus Christ that day, that I would get a burning in my bosom --- and if I had not really seen Jesus that day, I would get a splitting headache --- in keeping tradition of the Mormon way of knowing truth by feelings.

So, after hours of watching Netflix, I could only say that I had more warmth in my heart, and absolutely no headache, so therefore if it really is any indication, I had seen Jesus Christ that day.

How or why is this a double-bind out of Mormonism?

1) If Jesus Christ never actually appeared to me that day, then the Mormon way of knowing truth by feelings is absolutely faulty.

2) If I had seen Jesus Christ that day, it's interesting because he appeared to me after I stopped believing in Mormonism. Having denied mormonism, Jesus Christ appeared to me anyway. Very interesting.

Anyway --- No Jesus didn't stop to chat with me about instructions or weight loss, as near as I can tell I'm still just supposed to go on and live my life.

So --- I might be crazy. I could be wrong to think I saw Jesus -- but if I didn't see Jesus, then Mormonism isn't really all that right either.

And it is kind of scary to get thousands of visitors from Israel.

Gotta go, have a nice day.

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