Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Yay!!! Someone is interested!!!



OK --- seeing absolutely 0 downloads of my book in the past few weeks kind of made me sad, but after googling "The Book of Finch Kris Attfield" I quickly found this webpage:::

What I learned from this webpage is that there is someone, or there are people - who are interested in my book. But I also learned that people are unwilling to spend $2 on me.

It's exciting that someone out there wants me, and perhaps I really have grown famous --- it's just that my book maybe in a "completely free distribution" world now where no one needs to download it legitimately. Hahaha. :)

Yes !!! Though I will never know how many copies are in circulation::: I am famous! There are people interested in me! I feel loved!!! :) hah.

And no one is willing to spend a dime on me. Wow. Thank God for welfare. hah.

Actually --- seeing that webpage just lifted my spirits right up --- even if no one will pay me for my book --- I have seen the evidence of an interested public. So happy.

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