Saturday, September 6, 2014

The New Neighbours, Learning Spanish and stuff

So, today, after a hard day of yard work, my family decided to have a weenie roast in our metal fireplace in the backyard. That was fun, but not what I really wanted to talk about:: when I was done roasting weenies in our backyard, I walked into our front yard to see our new across the street neighbours decided to have their own weenie roast in their front yard.

That was interesting, but I'm now going to compare who I saw today with who I saw on July 1st of this year.

On July 1st of this year I saw three people: a guy who looked like Ted Neely out of Jesus Christ Superstar -- or rather a christlike looking kind of fellow, and I assumed he was the man of the house. I saw another man also, and a woman.

Today I again saw three people in the front yard of that house::: no sign of any Jesus look a-likes though. I saw the same woman, the same "other guy" and their child. Or at least, I would think it was "their child", because just by looking at the kid you might almost assume that it was actually some kind of angel or cherub. Yes --- the across the street neighbour's child made me think of Cherubim or Cherubs or whatever you want to call them.

It's really strange how whoever "owns" that house now seems to like to have a Jesus look-a-like or a cherub-child hanging out as if to have a joke about my October 2010 sighting, but whatever.


I intended to talk about all the different kinds or versions or possible Jesus sightings I've ever had and discuss the similarities and differences between them, but that seems totally pointless right now.


So, as my parents were starting their yard work I saw an advertisement for what is somehow deemed to be a very effective method for teaching foreign languages:: the Pimsleur method. I watched most of the whole video, and felt very impressed so I thought I'd give it a try. I did not purchase the CD product they advertised though --- instead I went to iTunes and bought a Spanish Pimsleur audiobook.

I did the first lesson.  After just one lesson of just a few phrases using a few words to teach the language, for hours throughout the day I could feel all my spanish knowledge bubble to the front of my mind and I started thinking in all the spanish I knew and speaking in spanish half the time.

First off::: I had already studied spanish in school which explains why I had so much vocabulary on my mind, if you had done the first Pimsleur lesson alone, you wouldn't have that vocabulary --- second off: though I could think of many things to think and say in spanish, I realized I don't know all the words I would want to know. Basically the effect of the Pimsleur on me was to make me feel more fluent in the language -- to even be thinking in spanish, of what words I knew --- and lastly my dad ended up getting really annoyed with my constant spanish babbling. I was just going on and on saying things in spanish and it just bugged the heck out of him - he doesn't know spanish so he was getting annoyed with not understanding. He sent me downstairs to my room, where I grabbed a drink from my bar fridge and said "[Brand of drink], tu esta mi solo amigo ahora". Yes - I actually said something like that alone in my bedroom, while drinking.

Anyway, after I decided to comply with my dad's requirement for me to speak english, the spanish thoughts eventually wore off by later in the evening.

yes --- I thought that Pimsleur thing was very nice. I figure I might try Swedish after I'm done Spanish, so I can learn my Mom's second language and perhaps reconnect with some idea of my Finn-Swede ancestry.


One last thing:: I noticed some popularity of one of my posts discussing telepathy recently::: I think I should really note that my brain has returned to "closer to normal" in recent time, which means I'm not much of a mentalist anymore. At least, my ability to read my parents' minds seems to have worn off, althought I still have longer distance "telepathic thought", if that's what it is, unless I'm just crazy.

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