Tuesday, September 16, 2014


So, this morning I woke up, thinking about things, and I decided to telepathically connect with Avril to tell her how much I love and appreciate her. As near as I could tell, I got through, and she seemed to have heard me.

But in the past little while I've had an overbearing feeling of a sort of anxiety coming from Avril, as if she's freaking out about how I haven't donated to her Birthday Charity Fundraising Campaign, and she is real - real upset that she's not seeing me on her list of donors.

Anyway, I just got an interesting email on my public email address.

It's a receipt for athletic wear. It's like she's telling me she wants me to foot the bill for her 30 athletes' expenses.

The receipt comes from a California Store, and the surname of the purchaser is "Atzeff", or perhaps interpreted meaning "As if". The associate number is "77670", which means it really could be Avril Lavigne because she and I are good friends because that's a variation on our favourite number, or one of our favourite numbers.

Um. If Avril sees this blog post, I just want to let her know that I did decide I would donate, I would even donate so much as to put some dental work I need on hold, and I'm just scrounging funds together now.

I'm not sure I'll be ready in time for your birthday --- but seeing how things go I might. I sure hope Crowdrise takes PayPal because that would make it so much easier on me. If they don't take PayPal, then I'll have to put money on credit card in order to make the donation.

But anyway ----- Yes -- it's amazing that I had such telepathy with Avril, where she's real upset that I haven't donated yet ---- and now she's sending ME A RECEIPT FOR ATHLETIC WEAR from her City of Residence.

yes --- that's exciting, and it's funny too, cuz I only just today decided to kick my butt into gear to get her a bunch of money for her thing. I was originally intending on donating a little bit on her birthday at the end of it all, but just sensing her anxiety over the telepathy helped me understand I should probably send her something nicer. Heheheheh. :)

<><><><> UPDATE:::::

So, I did a little research of the contest rules for Avril's special olympics birthday on Crowdrise.com, and found that if you want to win one of her high-end prizes you have to be in the USA. This does not apply to me.

So, I suppose I'll just give her a gift, and maybe I'll keep enough for myself to get my dental work done. I can't win a dinner or a whatever with her so I might not try - especially as I really do have other expenses to take care of. If I didn't have a tooth problem, I might've donated as much as I could have.

Anyway, did my "mental or emotional telepathy" really happen? was I crazy? Was it just a coincidence that I was sent an interesting receipt shortly after all that telepathy about her anxiety about not having donated??

To be honest:::: It might be possible that Avril doesn't even really like me, especially if that "facebook friendship" was fake, and even if it was real -- it's possible she's a little distant from me.

Avril Lavigne is my hero, so of course I want to let her know I'm thankful by sending her gifts and stuff, but I can't help but wonder if any number of parts of my life's history have turned her off me or whatever.

Anyway -- I'm not eligible for the Crowdrise project, so as I have other things to pay for I might give her a smaller gift and do what I need to do ---- and it's possible that she might not even want me around. I know she called me on the phone, and she was friendly, but by making the contest USA-only, maybe that's just her way of escaping from my interests.

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