Monday, September 15, 2014

Possible Deception

Well, somewhere in LDS or Christian Scripture it might say something about different men saying "Lo Here, and Lo There", saying different and conflicting things about God and the Kingdom of Heaven.

I am personally very confused about what exactly is right or wrong or true or false.

Even if I thought I saw Jesus Christ appear to me, as I most definitely did in October of 2010::: I will keep a mind open to the possibility or even likelihood that the apparition which was said to be Jesus Christ was actually a demonic or satanic entity intent on deceiving me somehow.

I recognize that it's possible it was the real Jesus ---- but I'm raising warning flags and wondering if any of my possible Jesus sightings are actually correct identifications or if I really have been deceived in some way all along.

With my experience I know the very nature of reality is or can be so warped --- and I absolutely know I saw an absolutely real apparition that according to "revelation" was supposed to be Jesus Christ ----

But I do not claim to know nor am I certain whether it really was Jesus Christ or if it was a demonic being.

My 2004 and 2008 Jesus sightings are very similar to Akiane's painting of Jesus, there is similarity in the appearance although I wouldn't say it was an exact match - and though I am certain I have had real apparitions, I can't be certain that any of them are safely assumed to be the real Jesus.

What else can I say? It really did seem like it really was Jesus Christ I was seeing on each occasion --- but "Jesus" didn't absolutely prove himself to be the real Jesus either.

So yeah ----- there are so many different religious factions, Lo Here and Lo There ---- I really have to think about everything I'm experiencing and understand and am learning so I can discern exactly what is correct.

Oh --- and I'm 90% certain that LDS Mormonism, or even any form of Mormonism, is NOT the way to go. If there's any religion that could be considered Satanic and even a threat to mental health, it would be Mormonism.

I'm inclined to believing that attaining perfection is impossible, and it is by grace that I am saved, and that my good works come with the salvation received rather than salvation received coming from good works.

Basically, right now I am inclined to agree with a sort of non-denominational, perhaps protestant, form of Christianity. I don't go to church so I don't have a denomination, but Mormons are understood now to not be the way I'd go, and I just put my hope in Christ.

I would love to be able to say and know that I have seen the real Jesus Christ --- and for so long I thought I was certain ---- but now I am just certain that I saw a series of apparitions but none of them are actually absolutely proven to be Jesus Christ.

So ---- I'm basically saying that even if I feel good, even if I hear thoughts in my head telling me I'm about to see Jesus Christ and even if I suddenly saw a man who looked remarkably Christ-like ----- I am paranoid enough that not even that experience is to be absolutely trusted. Even if he verbally claimed to be Jesus Christ I'm not certain it could be trusted.

I've had my experiences, and I really have to think things through.

So I'll just say it really is possible that I really did see Jesus Christ too ---- except on the most authentic apparition I ever saw --- He made a gesture that makes me question his intentions of using that gesture.

I've watched so many videos about Mormonism and all that --- I am aware of one gesture which "Jesus" made in my direction which is mentioned in other LDS related videos online, and I question why my apparition would use that Gesture and what exactly he meant by it.

Though it could be viewed as proof of the LDS church's authenticity, from my understanding it really doesn't prove the LDS church and I am just wondering what Jesus, or the apparition, was trying to get across....

So one possibility is it was a satanic deception claiming to be Jesus in order to make the LDS church seem true ----- but in so many ways I do not see the LDS church as possibly completely true and authentic so either my apparition was a Satanic deception, or Jesus made that Gesture for some reason which I do not understand and must question.

This is serious business when you realize that my apparitions are absolutely 100% real in my eyes, it's a matter of getting past deceit and using your god-given brain to think through what the actual truth is.

This is serious.

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