Sunday, September 7, 2014

Positive Thoughts about Mormonism

When I think about the LDS church and my life with it, I have two main points I want to make clear in ideas that keep popping up about it::

1) It is true that I'm finished with the church, at least seemingly, and it doesn't make sense to go back. But:::

2) There is actually many seemingly good or great things or potentially good or great things about LDS mormonism.

I used to completely love the LDS church. In my life, things fouled up in so many ways that I could write a book to discuss it ---- but if people had, perhaps, made more correct choices or had been more intelligent in their behaviour, maybe the LDS church might've worked out for me.

I think the LDS church is a great place to raise your misbehaved children. That's my personal opinion.

Anyway --- I don't feel emotionally capable of reconnecting with my LDS stake president and I just have huge emotional problems in a number of ways when it comes to socializing --- but in theory there are a number of really great good and wonderful potential realities or truths about LDS mormonism.

Of course, on the other hand I see a zillion things wrong with the church too --- so maybe all those great and good possibilities are just part of some grand scheme of deception --- but perhaps the LDS people really are earnestly or are supposed to be earnestly striving to be good, great, or superior people.

There are good things about Mormonism, and realize that even if I accuse them of being a satanic church I do not hate them, for a while I was angry at them but I'm not anymore, I am just disappointed and it just didn't work out in my personal life, largely because people weren't making very good choices.

But ---- I understand that potentially the Mormon or LDS church could be a great and wonderful entity.

It's kind of like this::: The Mormons/LDS are always Mormons/LDS whether they're good or bad, just like the Nephites were always the Nephites regardless of if they were good or bad. And there is potential for much good in the society or organization.

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