Friday, September 5, 2014

Phony Avril or Phoned By Avril?

so, I think it was in late 2012 that Avril Lavigne called my cell phone, this is understandably a real Avril.

Then in late 2013 "Avril Lavigne" friended me on facebook. Of course, I was immediately concerned that this "friending" was just being done by an identity thief, but she seemed to be trying to assure me that she's the real Avril. I know it may have been possible to video chat with her - and that would have surely enough been a way to verify her identity. But even now, there does seem like a bit of a chance that this individual was an identity thief --- she seems so real, but I know it's possible she's not real.

Anyway --- what I really wanted to write about was this:::

I learned from Avril Lavigne that the LDS church really will destroy relationships and friendships over little things like what kind of music you listen to or what you wear.

My old LDS bishop seemed to take the ballerina girl's side in thinking that the kind of clothing a person wears can be used as a valid reason to completely destroy their friendships or force an end to a relationship.

I mean, personally, I know LDS rules for youth would have derided some of the kinds of clothes Avril wore --- but I don't think it was so serious as to ban her from salvation just because she wasn't born into the Mormon church --- but, alas, the Bishop decided that her clothes were so bad that she stood no chance for salvation, therefore when Jesus died that all mankind may be saved, the bible translators forgot to mention the part that specifically excludes Avril or people who wear bad clothes from the text.

I mean, if I was wearing baggy clothes and that's the reason my ballerinagirl dumped me --- well that's really sad because I was growing up really poor and I was glad to have any clothes at all --- and well, if you actually read the book of mormon you'd see how this attitude of "your clothes aren't good enough" was actually a fraudulent attitude for a Mormon to take. Hypocrisy.

And there's the bishop, verifying that the church really will destroy friendships over simple clothing styles. A person who is not already mormon will never be saved if they wore clothes like that --- and if you are mormon well it's just too bad if your father is unemployed and we can't explain to you that the baggy clothes were the reason for all that anger.

Anyway::: Basically, Avril taught me that the church will get all belligerent and militant over the kinds of clothes you wear. And if you happen to be a woman who sings, plays guitar, piano and drums then you're in real trouble.

Yes --- lately I've really been able to grasp the idea that the LDS church actually just isn't true --- for so long I was so hypnotized by their "we're the one true church" propaganda that I really couldn't understand when I came across church doctrine or behaviour in my life that didn't seem right --- for a while things just didn't make sense, and now I just know they weren't really fully true.

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