Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On Mormonism vs Christianity in Crime and Forgiveness

So::: in the past few weeks or days I've noticed that two of my books, "Letters to Whomever" and "The Eagle's Sore" were ripped off and distributed to many hundreds of people each.

My dad -- who has no understanding of any Christian or Mormon concept of forgiveness (and it's really quite sad), seemed to think I should try to figure out who stole my work.

But -- In Christianity, we know that if you have sinned yourself, and you go to condemn someone who has wronged you, you yourself will also be condemned. What I mean is -- my family hasn't been perfectly honest throughout the history of our lives when it comes to being legit (which bugged me a lot btw, I mean, when I say my family is s*** - I mean it), so as we have had our own sins in our lives, I would be stupid to condemn the people who ripped off my books.

Of course, in real Christianity, if our family had been smart and done the right thing and was totally legit, I would have some grounds for prosecuting the ripper-offer (or whatever we want to call this person).


How does mormonism do it?

In The Book of Mormon, we learn that The Wicked Punish the Wicked (Mormon 4:5). So, according to Mormonism, because I am wicked, I am justified in condemning the person who wronged me, according to The Book of Mormon.

Of course, that completely contradicts D&C 64, where even if you lived your life perfectly, if you don't forgive then you are automatically condemned before the Lord of the greater sin.


Basically, the Christian way of doing things MAKES SENSE. IT IS LOGICAL.

While the Mormon version of doing things contradicts itself and makes no sense.

I mean, if the wicked punish the wicked, and this is how God works, then what happened to D&C 64 where even perfect people are condemned of the greater sin for not forgiving?

Mormonism just doesn't make sense.

And what makes me sad is that so many members of my localized family still follow the LDS church. I mean, just from this article alone it's clear the Mormons have done something completely wrong with their scriptures, and it contradicts itself and Christianity, but yeah, like I said, my family is just such s*** that they still haven't figured these things out.

Sucks eh?

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