Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Old Stuff

I think in this post I'll mostly, largely, or completely be repeating myself - but these things weigh on my mind right now so I just thought I'd mention them again::

1) If you are LDS, it's very easy to commit sin - as there are lots of things you could do wrong.

If you sin, if you have any brains you'd be humble about your sin, especially if you find it especially hard to repent of. So -- sin leads to great humility, perhaps.

And if you humble yourself, according to both Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith, your humility will earn you exaltation.

And then the church will take away your exaltation, which you earned from being humble with sin, because you are a sinner.

so: sin > humility > exaltation > loss of exaltation because of sin <<<<< that's the LDS way!

2) I know the LDS church is trying to improve, as in I've heard warnings against being overly-critical, and I think there really is some wisdom in certain LDS top leaders ---- but when I grew up in the church it wasn't hard to be criticized over any imperfection large or small.

So, being a regular human being, you are inclined to sin --- and the church will just constantly criticize it.

But, if you were to actually achieve the great and noble state of being supernatural and god-like (as Mormons are wont to become), the church or church leaders would just start drugging you because of how "crazy" being anything like God or being just like God would be. There are any number of things about your God-like state that the LDS leaders might think you are insane for and then drug you about --- that's what it was in my experience.

So, if you are a regular sinner human, you face constant criticism, but if you attain the supernatural godlike state then you won't escape being drugged. The Mormon church looks like it's just constant abuse.

3) As for the criticism and drugging, I've even experienced where they'll criticize you over your small sins so much that you just go crazy, and the church guy will shame you over your sins as he tells you to go see a psychiatrist.  And then the psychiatrist will tell you that there's no reason to be ashamed, that those "sins" really are just small things that might even be normal or not necessarily wrong.

Yup --- they'll shame you, causing mental health problems, and then they'll shame you as they send you to mental health professionals, and then the mental health professional will just say there was no reason to be ashamed over that one small issue. Yeah.

Anyway --- the LDS church is really really hard for me to believe in at this point, even if I know for a fact of a certain magical reality about them ---- there's something so wrong with them I'd think they're actually a satanic deception.

Sorry for repeating myself - but I just felt like mentioning these points again as they weighed on my mind.

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