Monday, September 15, 2014

LDS Church Proven Untrue

OK ---- there have been a zillion arguments presented by various people over time about the LDS church, and I've been very wary of the LDS church for a very long time----

But for an exact reasoning I will not explain, I can now understand, yet again, that the LDS church is not true.

SO:::::: If I really did meet and see Jesus Christ in person in my personal life ---- then through a reasoning I will not explain I can determine that the LDS church is NOT true.

AND ----- If my personal apparitions of Jesus Christ were actually false and satanic apparitions, again for different reasons which I will not explain, again it is very unlikely the LDS church is true.

So, basically, I think I know why so many mormons had a problem with my personal testimony of Jesus Christ ----- it disproves the LDS church.

So --- I may have seen the real Jesus --- and as such the LDS church is actually demonstrably wrong.

And if what I saw was not the real Jesus ---- then again it seems unlikely that the LDS church is true (or rather that the LDS church is likely false).

Soooo::::: The simple fact I had the remotest personal possibility of having seen the Lord Jesus Christ, the LDS church is instantly disproved.

And sorry, no, I'm not going to explain the reasoning here.

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