Thursday, September 18, 2014

I went wandering, and saw a new church

So --- I went for a walk today, took a different route than I took yesterday, and I saw that the local Baptist Church is no longer a Baptist Church.

The building is now occupied by some kind of Apostolic Fire & Miracles Ministry, advertising "Holy Ghost Fireworks" and "Revival".

That looked interesting. I thought it was kind of cool.

Note::: I'm at a point in my life right now where it doesn't seem totally feasible to go to a church, part of my local family kind of, more or less, are dissatisfied or have "left" mormonism while we have some family who are still interested in the LDS. We're just trying to get along, and a new church doesn't seem to be in the cards right now.

Anyway --- back a few years ago, probably in 2010 I would think, my iPhone was giving me a bad location on the Maps application.

OK --- remember my story from The Book of Finch where I was hearing numbers, I entered the numbers and found an interesting location in my community?

Well, on this experience my iphone was "magically" OR deliberately pointing out a Lutheran Church across the river and up the hill from where I live.

I mean, my iphone was behaving very strangely when it kept pointing to this Lutheran Church in the maps application, so I had my dad drive me to this Lutheran church, where I dropped off some money and a note for them. I saw another car in the parking lot, looked like someone was inside it.

ALSO:::: I have also been invited to attend Calgary's local TRUTH CHURCH way back, I think it's still an open invitation, and though I've seen the Truth Church on many occasions it's far away from my home and not convenient, as well, a new church is just not in the cards.

ALSO::: If the rumour is true, then there may be something good about the Seventh Day Adventists too --- I have a neighbour who is a friend of ours who I think is one of theirs, and she's a real nice person, turning into a good friend. I have a good impression of these guys right now.

So yeah --- I just wanted to report the "new church" I saw in my area, as well as just mention some of the relationships I have with other local churches. Yay.

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