Friday, September 26, 2014

I Met Another Author Today

So, today I was at a local mall for a while, and as I walked past the local Coles bookstore in the mall I saw a bunch of books on stands on a table, and a man sitting next to the table.

"Are you the author of these books?" I ask, suddenly a little excited. "These look like nice short books".

He did, in fact, happen to be the author of the books.

His "name" is Lawrence E.R. Adams - he wrote a series of books about young inuit children living in Rankin Inlet, I think it was. He said he had lived there a while.

The books are fictional, but there's supposed to be something realistic about them or something. He said they involve things like Shamans or the stuff of Inuit sprituality -- I can't fully remember everything he said, I was introverted and just wanted to buy the books quickly and be on my way.

His books are called "The Trapp Family Adventures", the first book in the series called "The Old One".

No, I didn't tell him that I wrote my own books, and that I suck way more than he does at selling. I mean, one reason I never really got very personal with the public (like, no bookstore signings) is because my story is so "craptastic" I'm not sure how excited I should be about selling my story to unsuspecting shoppers, because the story of the book is just, well, horrible. It's a true story, and it even seems marvelous in ways, but it's just so bad that the best word I can use to describe it is "craptastic". I'm talking about my own book here. I mean, its kind of hard to be enthusiastic about selling my book when you realize how horrible the story really is. I did my best to tell the story, and I really tried to polish the book up --- but my life sucks so the book just seems so horrible.

As for my life sucking, it was nice of Doki Games to contact me with words of comfort, encouragement and support as I got depressed about my own game's low rating on OuyaForum. They were nice enough to let me know my game isn't the worst on the platform. That did lift my spirits, to know that someone would try to let me have some love.

When you rate a game "1/5" or "1-2/10", you are essentially telling the creator that you hate their game. Of course, being hated isn't nice, so you should understand how sad it is to get such a low rating on your product.

On OUYA --- there is only 1 game I remember right now giving a 1/5 star rating too, and that's because it was a game about suicide, and after playing it for a while it was making me uncomfortable. although - it was well written. I didn't finish the game (due to time constraints when I was playing it), but the story of the game was just terrifying enough that I didn't want to go through all that talk of suicide again. It's kind of like how someone might give ICBM a low rating because of the awful prospect of nuclear war.

of course, Max Payne is a similar kind of horrible and dark game, but when I played it I loved it, I was enthralled with it, probably because of my very bad mood at that time.

Anyway, thank you Doki Games for trying to cheer me up. It helped. Although, I'm not sure I want to go back to OUYA forum ever again.

Here's my reasoning::: One great thing about OUYA is that it allows ANYONE to build a game for a console-platform. I'm one of those people who likes doing that. Now --- because I am not a professional studio and don't have an artist, my game doesn't seem to meet standards or expectations and it's suddenly declared to be "morally wrong" to sell my own creation for $1 up front.

Not only is it super-annoying to not get paid, as is the way things work in our world, but if people are morally obligated to give things away for free, and are unable to charge even 1 dollar for their product, OUYA is far more likely to go out of business, and I don't think anyone would like that.

I like OUYA --- but OuyaForum's attitude that no one should buy my game because they think it's bad doesn't really serve OUYA very well. OUYA was designed for creators like me, and being a lone programmer without friends, you can't expect me to have the nicest graphics - I'm not an artist.

Basically, I think OUYAForum was unkind, and unwise, because if they had any brains they should realize that more games should be trying to make money, or else OUYA will go out of business, or have to change it's form somehow.

Of course, it hurts me too, because if I wanted to get serious about making games, it's really sad when I'm not allowed to profit from my previous projects just because of how early in my evolution I am. If I was allowed to sell games, and sold a whole bunch, maybe I could HIRE an artist for a future game. But OUYA Forum didn't seem to think of that, and I don't feel like going back there to talk to them about it. I might still build OUYA games, but I'm not sure I want anything to do with OUYA Forum anymore.


  1. No worries, man. I played your game! It does have some nice touches, I like the unique scoring system where you lose points for wasting bullets! And the panic button! Great idea. I wouldn't have realised this from the 'blurb', however. Thanks for the shout out, buddy. I do hope you keep building for OUYA, I'd be sad to see another developer go! Nearly at 1,000 games, now! :-)

  2. Thank you for the encouragement, with my pre-existing psychological condition, negative comments can really start to bring me down and I just have so many emotional problems --- it's nice to get some good feedback. Yeah, Air Defence was just a side project I worked on for fun to distract me from my current bigger project. Eventually, maybe I'll finish my current project - depends on how much I work on it and how well I figure things out. As for the Air Defence project --- I decided to act on some of the criticism so on Monday hopefully you'll see the update where 4 of the camo blocks turn into real-modeled army tents, and there's a new scoring feature that praises your high score when you don't take any damage. You'll see. Thanks, again, it's good to get positive feedback (largely because with my psychological condition it can hurt to receive a 2/10 rating - I mean, really physically/emotionally hurt).

  3. Cool, can't wait! If you get time, I think it would benefit your sales if you maybe spruce up the cover a bit, I know you said you're not an artist, (me neither, have you seen Khaki Combat? lol) but could you maybe stick a tank in the picture or something? Something that sends the message 'pick me, guys!' Lol. I know it's shallow but people do judge a game by its cover, unfortunately. This isn't part of the game though so please don't take it as a negative. :-)

  4. Thanks for nicely suggesting that. You inspired me to create a much nicer looking logo, although it's not a tank as the image.

    One suggestion I have for myself is maybe I should try my hand at 3d modelling and create my own special model for the air defence unit --- but I am completely ignorant of how to run a program like Blender (free 3d modelling software) right now and, like I said, I'm not much of an artist. The old camp-block-and-cylinder will have to do for now.

    It just seems important to note again that I was looking for comments and suggestions in email, but I am a little chagrined at how the reviewer just hated my game without leaving any nice suggestions in my inbox --- I'm not an OUYAForum regular --- I'm not very good at socializing and I've got other things to do with my life.

    Of course, Karma might be to blame here::: I know my older brother will loudly complain about any game he plays, even if it's a triple a title, and he'll write the company making the game telling them his complaints and well, if that's the way my brother (who also has psychological issues) behaves, then of course, someone's gonna turn around and start criticizing my work harshly.

    To tell the truth, my brother and I aren't the best of friends, and it bugs me how much he complains about ANY GAME (even AAA titles). It's like he doesn't realize how to just sit down and have fun - win or lose.

  5. Sounds great, I think one of the best things about digital developing is that I'm able to make improvements and add content over time. I'm looking forward to seeing your update, I'm sorry I can't speak on behalf of OUYAforum but I'm glad you're feeling better about things! :-)