Friday, September 12, 2014

Doing complete 180s in thought and position

So, growing up I was hyper-right-wing-super-mormon.

Then I went left-wing-super-mormon.

Now I'm left-and-right-but-not-hyper-right-half-or-non-mormon.

Basically, in provincial politics I had been recruited to support the Wildrose Party for a while, and there seemed like real good reasons to do that.

But I look at myself, realizing that Mormons are likely the devil, and I thought I remember being told by my Wildrose recruiter that the Wildrose Party started being composed of Catholics, Mormons and Libertarians.

I personally like Catholics, although I've heard they've had their mischief in their history. I loved Mormonism but I now think it's got some deceptive practices. And I highly doubt Libertarianism is the way to go (though I do value freedom).

Maybe the PC's are right for me. The biggest complaint I have about the PC's is that they didn't increase taxes under Redford to keep the province out of debt. But now the canadian dollar is lower and the price of oil seems high, so maybe we'll get that debt paid of without much problem.

Basically::: Knowing that the Wildrose have garnered support from Mormons (especially as Mormons are bigger in southern Alberta, which is where wild rose have their support, and Wildrose was started by Mormons) I'm kind of thinking that I should maybe vote PC.

I could vote NDP, Liberal or PC, but I don't have any personally huge complaints about the PC's anymore. I used to be offended at how they were treating me psychiatrically, but now I appreciate the psychiatry and have done a 180, so to speak. As well:: the PC's are more likely to be elected than the NDP or Liberals, and it might be worthwhile to vote PC just to keep a highly-mormon-influenced government out of office.

Maybe PC is the way for me to go. I'm concerned about the potential problems a highly Mormon-influenced government could have.

Of course, I'm just writing this with some idea or assumption that Wildrose have Mormon undertones.

Anyway --- as for Mormonism:::: I KNOW Mormons have their miracles, and if everything had gone smoothly or more intelligently in the church maybe I would still believe in them. But things went so wrong in so many ways, despite their miracles they don't even SEEM true anymore.

Sorry if this sounds anti-mormon, but really what it is is this - I grew up in the Mormon church and I was in love with it. But if you examine my writings, my many many writings, you'll see that there have been numerous problems trying to operate in the church. Despite an undeniable knowledge of miracles in the organization, there is just something so wrong with it that I can only believe now they are likely Satanic.

I'm sorry if that seems racist::: but I am a true skeptic now. They say "Don't knock it until you've tried it". I tried it, I buried myself in it, and I come away from it knowing there's just something wrong.

Even if the LDS church really is true, there's something so wrong with it that it's inoperable. And if it's not true, then there's no point anyway.

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