Monday, September 15, 2014

Bad Language and Privacy.

I'm a big youtube watcher. Some people have netflix, some people have their hulu, their apple tv --- I am a youtube watcher.

Today I learned that the reason the SH word is wrong even though it means the same thing as defecate, which is not wrong, is because the SH word originated with the Saxons in england who spoke a germanic language, while defecate came from the normans.

So, while the two words mean the exact same thing, the Saxon "SH" is BAD AND VULGAR because it comes from a lower-class race.

Whilst, the word "defecate" is considered socially acceptable everywhere because it comes from the higher class Normans who spoke a latin based language.

So::: how does this apply to me?? Well, I grew up being told all my life that the Attfield side of my family is ANGLO-SAXON.  To me, that means I can proudly boast of my family history and speak all the Saxon words I want, regardless of how President Monson doesn't like it.

They talk about preaching the gospel in everyone's own native tongue, and well, my ancestor's native tongue was Saxon "SH", so that's the language I speak ---- and I find it offensive that the LDS church has a problem with that. :)


I watched another video about privacy and and being watched online.

1) I realized I was being watched online since the year 2001 even before I ever heard of Avril Lavigne, and this was back when such ideas really where considered schizo or psychotic.

yes ---- Just realizing that the government spied on you used to be considered a thing of mental illness, but now it's "normal" so it's no longer considered mentally ill.

Just sucks that no one realized what I realized and I had to be drugged because of it.

Anyway ---- In my personal experience, I don't really view it as a bad thing that they're watching us, I personally, for perhaps obvious or almost obvious reasons, actually appreciate it.

It's probably also why my LDS Stake president couldn't just tell me the important things he wanted to tell me in email and was constantly inviting me into his office, but anyways.

yeah. I'm just making a random blog post as a way of responding to two interesting youtube video topics I watched.

1) I am descended from Anglo-Saxon so I should be able to speak Saxon as much as I want regardless of the Mormon view that my family's language is improper.

2) I realized I was being spied on way back in the day when you'd be thought crazy to have thought you were spied on. And actually, I liked the experience. It was good for me.

According to certain versions of prophecy, all the spying and non-privacy is going to usher in the New World Order and Satan will be our king and all that, but for me personally I just happened to think it was actually a good thing to be going on. I know it may hurt some people, but I personally liked it.


And finally, due to whatever reason there may be out there --- I think it really is possible that I'm actually not allowed to be popular because of the nature of my life's history and all the garbage that went on. I think I'm actually deliberately being "toned down" just because of how stupid life is in my world.

Just remember::: I have to personally learn and react to a situation where my father was teaching me that the Canadian Constitution, or Charter of Rights & Freedoms actually did nothing for us, and in his own words "is not worth the paper it was written on".

That is the kind of respect my dad paid to the constitution, and I got pretty screwed up about it. Saying those little words by themselves shaped my psyche in a really-really-bad way.

Though I love my dad, and hope for him to improve himself, I was actually raised in a pretty crappy-lower-class situation with all kinds of garbage ---- thus I am anglo-saxon and that is the native tongue of my ancestors, and why it is considered derogatory.

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