Saturday, August 23, 2014

Why I want to make money - but it's hard

So, thankfully one admin said it's OK to charge for your game and I don't need to justify it.

I'm just gonna put a few justifications for why I want to make money selling things and how it's utterly frustrating that over 90% of people are unwilling to pay even a small price for a product that they'll take in droves if it's free.

1) I have to make back what I spent to complete the project. It's a complete waste of money to buy supplies and services that help you make your project only to find that though you were willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on your project, while the people who want to use your product can't even pay a small fee. It's frustrating.

2) I have things to pay for. The socialist medical care in my country won't pay for a dental service I need, and I'm going to have to pay for it myself --- it would be really nice if anyone could lend a buck or two by actually buying a product from me.

3) Speaking of socialism, if you read my book you'd know I've been on AiSH welfare for a long time, or in other words disability welfare. This might be fine with someone who is really truly disabled, and though it's clear I really have had my disability in life, I've always argued with the diagnosis. I'm trying to NOT BE DISABLED, I suppose, and well, don't call me greedy when in fact I'm just trying to make so much money that I have to be kicked off welfare. I think the government might actually like to stop paying for me - and, in fact, they would be really happy if I actually paid taxes too. Then I can pay for other people's welfare -- wouldn't that be nice?

Yes --- I've told God on multiple occasions that I actually want to make so much money that I have to be kicked off welfare.

It doesn't help that most people can't pay a small price, and really, I know that OUYA games are really really low on sales for a very long time now it seems, but OUYA users should realize that if they don't pay for OUYA games then OUYA could go out of business --- and I really wouldn't like that.

So, please, don't scold me for charging money, and even, I would say, you could gladly pay the buck that I ask for. I mean, if you love the cheap and free nature of OUYA --- well, too much "just free stuff" and OUYA won't survive because of lack of cash flow. Anyone should realize that.

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