Monday, August 4, 2014

Too many things to say -- too little friends to talk to

I am so awful.

Maybe, I just happen to be real smart and therefore have a well of information to hand out - but this oil company has only a few customers.

I've got so much product - and too small an audience.

I feel sorry for my psychologist ---- I am able to shut up for certain periods of time, but lately I sent probably too many emails to the few people I like to talk to --- and now I'm just sorry that I bother the psychiatric office so much with email.

I don't have many people to talk to, and I don't want to spam anyone -- but I just have so much to say in such short periods of time that I am really sad about all that.

If I had a girlfriend --- that girlfriend might think I'm somehow weird or odd to send that much email --- so I have to be VERY THANKFUL that I have a patient Psychologist/Psychiatrist to write to, because it's that person's job to listen to me and all the messages I send might be more legitimate in their hands.

Not even church leaders can handle my email.  A girlfriend would probably think I'm "stalking" or whatever, that I'm being strange.

But, I have lots to talk about, and no one to talk to --- so I talk to my psychologist --- and it's just so nice of the psychologist to let me send email because I don't want to have to bottle up my thoughts and never talk to anyone about anything.

I OFFICIALLY APPROVE OF PSYCHIATRY. I have quietly approved of them for a long while now, but it is all too clear at this point that PSYCHIATRY is actually a GOOD AND WONDERFUL profession.

When first introduced to psychiatry --- I didn't like it at all. I had a very negative impression about what they could be. BUT NOW I REALLY SUPER APPRECIATE THEM.

Though I am smart, I do feel like I'm mentally retarded sometimes, or that there's just something wrong with my brain, or whatever, so being able to email a psychologist is just wonderful. They might not even read what I say - but the probably do and it's just wonderful to have a listening ear or someplace to record my thoughts.

Not even LDS church leaders can handle my need for friendship. Especially with how they historically weren't actually being my friends. Anywho.

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