Saturday, August 2, 2014

On Mormon Forgiveness in My Own Life's History

Back at a pivotal moment in my life --- where the girl I loved and her family emotionally brutalized me and dumped me, and the twin towers had fallen --- my Bishop pointed out the key doctrine in D&C 64 where we are required to forgive all men lest we are condemned of the greater sin.

So::: My girlfriend dumped me, and I'm supposed to forgive her. That means I'm supposed to FORGET THAT SHE EVER DUMPED ME. Wow.

Imagine if I forgot that our relationship had ever ended --- I'd still think we'd have a relationship - wouldn't I?

And was it really so freakin' necessary to forgive the 9/11 attackers?? I mean, by the logic of the bishop I am required to forgive ALL MEN --- which means I'm not allowed to remember the felling of the twin towers either or else I'm condemned for even worse than the terrorists.

So --- at that point the church decided that I had to go through life thinking that me and my ballerinagirl were still in love and I have to be so mentally retarded that I can't even realize our country has gone to war. And if I do remember the 9/11 disaster --- then I'm so bad I have to be sent to Gitmo.


That's LDS mormon logic for you. No wonder I was considered schizophrenic and mentally ill and all that. I'm either so mentally retarded that I have to forget certain recent events ever happened - or I have to suffer a fate worse than the offender just for remembering the recent event.

That is actually ****ed up. And yes --- I really must've been crazy at that point, to have to live under an authority who would makes decisions like that for me.

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