Friday, August 1, 2014

On Mormon Forgiveness and Punishment

Historically, when speaking to mormons about forgiveness, the term forgiveness is really just defined as "To not feel anger and to not remember an offence".

This meant, in conjunction with D&C 64, that if you just felt angry about something, or if you even remembered something wrong, then you are automatically condemned of the greater sin.

It doesn't matter how perfect your life was:: if you remember or have anger, you are automatically the worse person.

Of course, I have determined that this doctrine is BS - but what I really wanted to discuss was the part where the offender is punished, and then forgiven.

You see, Mormons like to punish people, and then say they forgive the offence as the offence is being punished.

To the standard worldwide definition of Forgiveness, this makes no sense at all because when you forgive someone that means you don't punish them - you let them off the hook.

But, to Mormons, forgiveness is just an anger and memory thing.

Anyway ---- there's something we forgot to mention.

THE BOOK OF MORMON SAYS that it is by the wicked that the wicked are punished.

That's right --- it doesn't matter how perfect a life you've lived, if you punish a wicked person then you are automatically wicked too.

So, mormons like to punish sins or crimes and then call it forgiveness because of their lack of anger, but they completely neglect to note that by having punished the crime or sin they themselves are also now wicked individuals.

TO BE PERFECTLY HONEST:::: I think Josoph Smith knew EXACTLY what the actual definition of forgiveness is, I think he even intended for everyone to just let EVERYTHING off the hook --- it's just that by the laws of common sense, mormons change the definition of forgiveness so they can punish something and still call it forgiveness because they need to call it forgiveness according to D&C 64.

It might seem like a wonderful idea to create a person who is upright, moral, even perfect, who always forgives all the complete crap that goes on around them ----- but in the end this DOESN'T make sense because some crimes are just so bad that they really SHOULD NOT just be forgiven.

Anyway --- the mormon church changed the definition of forgiveness so they could punish people for their sins and crimes and then still call it forgiveness anyway so they could still be in line with D&C 64 (which says you are required to forgive all men).

But --- the fact of the matter is that The Book of Mormon says the wicked punish the wicked so I think Joseph Smith always intended for all crimes and sins to be let off the hook --- because if you even PUNISH (I'm not talking about anger or remembrance) - if you just punish something then that automatically makes you wicked too, regardless of previous righteousness or perfection.

So - there you go. It doesn't matter if you are sinless and therefore capable of casting stones according to the bible -- according to the mormons you automatically become a bad person if you punish someone else, no matter how good you were previously.

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