Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mac Pro glow again?

I was sitting in my bedroom, thinking in the dark, when I noticed light coming off my mac pro again.

Again, this time I didn't think much of it, because it may have just been light from outside my room reflecting on the metal surface.

But, in the blink of an eye --- and with no lighting change anywhere else in my room (including my doorway), the mac pro stopped glowing.

To be totally honest, in the past while I've had a number of freakish experiences that I haven't fully mentioned here.

I recently went on a trip, travelling around alberta. Had some freaky experiences there.

Just last night I was watching videos about religious stuff on Youtube, learning about some of the really freaky things that go on - and as I was standing in the kitchen later that night I saw red and blue lights flashing out of my kitchen window.

I went to my dad (in another part of the house) to tell him about those strange red and blue lights. He seemed excited by what I told him, and lagged behind as I went to the kitchen window again. The lights had disappeared, but quickly reappeared again. And as my dad stepped into the kitchen -- boom the freaky red and blue lights stopped shining, and never shined again that evening.

So, I've got a freaky glow in the dark mac pro, had a freaky kind of experience while travelling that I won't explain here, and after watching videos about freaky religious stuff on youtube I saw red and blue lights out my kitchen window that were there, then they were gone, then they were there again, and as soon as my dad walked in they disappeared.

Yes --- I am so.... wondering what it all is.

Considering I'm not even sure that the LDS church is authentic christianity, that it might actually just be authentic satanism, you just have to understand that I see a bunch of strange stuff going on, and then I have little idea about the actual nature or source of the experience.

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