Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Job Offers and my thoughts

On occasion, usually somehow in relation to OUYA, I might get a job offer telling me I've got the skill set they want and all that....

But I am really hesitant to have much to do with these few "opportunities" that come along.

Like, in one case I thought it might've been a bit like a spam email, or a scam trying to take money from me.

In another case, it may have been more legit, but I was hesitant and not really interested because there  were few to no details about what their job for me actually entailed --- and it could have been a scam anyway at that point.

As for my ACTUAL SKILLSET:::::

It's true I was the smartest boy in school growing up. But I think GOD has deliberately dumbed me down for reasons I won't get into here....

But anyway::: YES --- my two games both use custom JAVA game engines, and though that makes me somewhat computer smart or even super smart, I am not really a super-computer-genius by any means ---- a lot of the time while I'm programming I'm about as skilled as a retarded monkey - I only manage to get a decent final product after long hours of trying to make things work.

I have very little formal training in computer programming. In school I learned C and a bit of PASCAL ---- all my Java, JavaScript, C# and Swift are self-taught and I would consider myself beginner (in Swift or JavaScript) or intermediate (In Java or C#).


I would be eager to develop a videogame with a team, like an artist, a musician, or whatever it might take to make a great product ---- but I am very introverted and have a tough time dealing with people. Right now I'm content to do as much as I can on my own.


I don't handle stress very well. I had a job over a year a go that paid well, and I tried to do it --- but I just started getting too stressed out too quickly, and I couldn't handle it.

If I worked for a real employer, that would mean deadlines, and well as I program like a retarded monkey I might experience difficulties. Also: on my own project (my personal 3rd game) I worked on it for a while and hoped I'd have it out before school started again, but for the past few weeks I've just been getting too distracted. So, with my distraction and lack of formal training and inability to handle stress, don't be offended if I don't seem interested in a job offer.

Also: I'm real comfortable where I am in life right now. I'm not sure I want to break out of my bubble.

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