Monday, August 4, 2014

I'm not a fraud - but I might've been wrong

You know my testimonies of seeing Jesus?

You know, a thought in my head appearing telling me Jesus will appear, and I walk around outside and find a man who looks like and seems identifiable as the Lord?  There may even be some usual feature about him that makes him seem magically real?

OK ---- It is absolutely true that I had these experiences, where I truly thought I had met the Saviour, and maybe I really did meet the saviour ---- but I do not really know for certain who it really was. I just thought it was Jesus. I was just told in my mind it was Jesus. But this might have been untrue anyway.

I don't have any good reason to suspect it's untrue other than "the devil creates deceptions and anything might've happened" --- it may have been real, but it may have been a deception created to trick me -- I don't know, but I'm basically just casting doubt on my own experience at this point.

It is absolutely true that I had some kind of magical experience --- and though I thought it was Jesus Christ, thought it was supposed to be Jesus Christ --- it may have been Jesus Christ, and it might not have been the real Jesus Christ. It might have been a deception, it might have been a Satanic trick.

I'm just pointing out the reality that what I thought I saw wasn't necessarily what I thought it was. I may be right that it was Jesus, I may have been deceived:::

but I want to make it clear that I really did have these experiences, the story is true, and it's true I really did think it was Jesus, it's just that it might not actually be what it seemed to be.

Just pointing that out -- just casting doubt on myself.

I have had many numerous magical experiences of truly miraculous nature ---- but I can not claim to know that it was definitely God, and I can't claim to know if it was surely the devil either.

I love God, and I hope I'll be saved. But I'm just another fool in this race, though perhaps smart enough in some ways to have these experiences, I'm not really truly smart enough to know the exact source.

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